The Golden State Warriors cruised past the Pelicans in an easy win with the reigning MVP, Stephen Curry, dropping 40 with 24 of those points coming from the first half. Stephen Curry had a career night tonight. Curry was 2 points shy of his career best IN THE FIRST QUARTER!! Curry had a little catch of Klay Thompson from last year. src=












Klay Thompson didn’t really make noise tonight. Klay stayed foul trouble all night, but Klay had a great shooting percentage, making 38% from the field and 0% from the 3. Klay looked lost tonight he didn’t really know where his spot was on the court. Klay just had a lot of jitters he needed to get out since it’s the first game of the season except Klay to be back to normal by next game.

Festus Ezeli  came in clutch for the Warriors when Andrew Bogut went down to injury. Ezeli ended up with 13 points going 6-10 on the floor. Ezeli was the Warriors all around player, grabbing boards, putting back monstrous put-backs.



As a whole the Warriors did fair their 3-point percentage was low and their field goal percentage was low also. The Warriors also need to cut back on the turnovers. They had 20 tonight. The Warriors also had a 33 rebound advantage over the Pelicans. On average, the Warriors have an A- grade. They have a lot more scorers than most of the teams in the NBA.



Anthony Davis looked horrific tonight as he went 4-20 from the field. AD still managed to get 18 points with 6 boards. Davis also was trying to showcase his range that his coach, Alvin Gentry, made him do in the offseason.




The Pelicans are a strong team so I’ll expect them to bounce back from such a lost. The Pelicans didn’t look to good from the line. they also didn’t look to good in rebounds of course getting out rebounded by 33. The Pelicans looked like an average of C+ tonight just an average team.


T’abren Wallace

Spark Sports NBA Analyst