June 17, 2015



This year was a different story. A story that will go down in history as one of the greatest performances, along with responses ever seen.

Blood, sweat, and tears of happiness were all around the NBA organization and its fans.

It was the last ticks of the clock, when the fans of the great city of Oakland really knew what their team had accomplished.

As the game ended, Stephen Curry, the Regular Season MVP, along with Andre Igoudala, the Finals MVP, shouted with joy at the realization of the fact that the drought was over! Curry’s family in the crowd, curry’s fan base at Oracle Arena in Oakland, all ecstat
ic to see what these young group of boys have accomplished.


You surprised? You shouldn’t be. Coming into this series, Golden State was the easy favorite for a 4-0 sweep or a 4-1 defeat. However Lebron’s “Grit Squad” was not going to just give up.

Coming off a phenomenal series by the 4 time MVP, Lebron James, undermanned and underarmed, never seemed to give up. Without Kyrie Irving, who was arg
uably one of the top 5 point guards in the game. Without Kevin Love, who was arguably one of the top 5 forwards in the game right now. Did he give up? I don’t think when a player averages 35 points, 14 rebounds, and 9 assists in a finals series, its truly a gift. But it just was not 150617011351-stephen-curry-locker-room-celebration-champagne-061615.home-t6enough.

Boy oh boy was this something to watch.

Whether you were sitting at home on your couch locked down staring at the T.V Screen, or if you were in Cleveland watching the game, you had to enjoy what these teams were offering. How could you not?

It wasn’t the open shots they allowed , it wasn’t the 20+ turnovers the Cavs had, it wasn’t all the shots they missed, it was the talent that was absent. Honestly, if you think about it, taking Lebron out of the team they had in the Finals, would make this team back on the bottom. Thats a MVP-most valuable player. He gave his best. As he went to the locker room after the game, all he could do is put his towel on his face in disappointment and say that his team “ran out of talent” but “gave everything they had”. Thats true but sometimes, you just can’t match!

However, the story today is the Golden State Warriors and how they got where they are today!

Was it first year coach Steve Kerr? Was it the help of Marc Jackson in previous years? Is it the incredible team play and team effort every second on the floor? I pick C. Golden State knew what they were up against, they knew they could not let off even with the injuries the other team faced. They were on a mission, they were ready for that golden trophy in their hands.

Kerr really changed the whole perspective of basketball in Golden State. Hired last summer after denying Phil Jackson’s offer to coach the Knicks, the 49-year-old former NBA guard who won three of his five titles as Michael Jordan’s teammate in Chicago and two playing for Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, Kerr brought out the best in his team.

From the first day of training camp, he emphasized unity. A California-born kid who still surfs and would prefer to wear jeans and a pair of Vans on the sideline, he kept things loose by taking the Warriors bowling and letting them blare music during practices.

With Curry, the team’s first MVP since Wilt Chamberlain, leading them, the Warriors outgunned everyone in the rugged Western Conference and entered the postseason as a No. 1 seed. They swept New Orleans, rallied from a 2-1 deficit to beat Memphis and then blew through Houston in five games to make the finals for the first time since `75.

They really blow my mind. Being a sports fan, especially a basketball fan, I’ve always wanted new talent and players to make the Finals and show their skills. So what better match up? The world’s best player against the world’s best team.

Just like everything else in life, doing everything yourself is not enough. James needed help. He did the best he could.

Interesting Fact: In every postseason round for the Warriors, the opposing team’s starting point guard has been injured, allowing Stephen Curry and the Warriors to have their way. In the first round, it was Tyreke Evans on the New Orleans Pelicans. Then it was Patrick Beverly on the Rockets, Mike Conley of the Grizzlies, and finally Kyrie Irving of the Cavaliers.

Don’t think I’m just going to skip over Andre Igoudala’s performance.

I think what happened was Cleveland lost track of who this guy really was. He is an all star and he showed this team what impact he had on it. That is why he received Finals MVP. Besides the fact that he was guarding the best player in the world every time on the floor, he posed a threat on offense that just could not have been stopped. Let me know if one of you thought someone else should have won it or if they have really just given it to Lebron, who played incredible.

Every Cavs fan who is discouraged by this, heres a quick fact. Vegas has already claimed Cleveland Cavaliers having the highest chance of winning next year. HAHA and you know vegas won’t be wrong 2 years in a row.

All i know is I see this happening again. This has been a series to watch and I believe will have an encore. An encore with the big bad Cavs big and healthy again, and the golden state warriors with something to defend. Truly something great were able to watch! Let me know all your ideas of what went right and wrong and all feelings about the finals and the future, and if you wouldn’t mind seeing this again.