In the NBA, players are often categorized into different groups based on the level of talent they have and the success of their team. I really believe there is a real difference in stars across the league. Who IS a superstar, and who isn’t?

These are the traits that describe an NBA superstar:

All around play – Can the player do just about everything on the court at a level better than other players?

Clutch – Does the player fall apart in the big moments, or rise to help his team?

Team play – Can this player make his team better or does he stop his team from succeeding?

Consistency – Can this player survive all 82 games a season playing at a high rate? Will he do his part in 99% of the games he plays to help his team win?

Healthy – Is this player playing a lot of games for their team, or are they often out for injury?

I will categorize some of the top players in the league into groups I believe they fit in.
*Note Kawhi Leonard and Gordon Hayward will be excluded from this list since they’ve played so little this season* (the order players are in within the category is completely random)

A level of his own 

– LeBron James

Competing for the best

– James Harden
– Kevin Durant
– Stephen Curry


Giannis Antetokounmpo
Anthony Davis
Demarcus Cousins
Kyrie Irving
Russell Westbrook
Paul George
Chris Paul
Jimmy Butler
Demar Derozan


Joel Embiid
Al Horford
Kemba Walker
Kevin Love
Nikola Jokic
Paul Millsap
Blake Griffin
Andre Drummond
Klay Thompson
Draymond Green
Victor Oladipo
Hassan Whiteside
Karl-Anthony Towns
Kristaps Porzingis
Ben Simmons
Devin Booker
Damian Lillard
CJ McCollum
Lamarcus Aldridge
Kyle Lowry
John Wall
Bradley Beal

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