8 ejections. 3 ejections. 1 flagrant foul. These were just some of the numbers in Washington’s Game 3 blowout victory to trail the series vs. Boston 1-2.

Like it or not, this is what we need to consider a modern day rivalry and appreciate the heck out of it. In an age of ticky-tacky fouls and oscar performing plays (check Beal out), it was nice to see some tough, smash-mouth basketball being played.

This old school roughness mentality really paved the way for an eventful game, and a series that will definitely be looked at more due to the entertainment it provides. Obviously the talent of John Wall and Isaiah Thomas is a reason too. Without further ado, lets see what happened last night in Game 3 of the Wizards-Celtics matchup.

It all started with a Kelly on Kelly abuse:

As you can imagine, the reaction by Oubre got him ejected and most likely suspended for Game 4. Olynyk, who just got an offensive foul on the play, surprisingly took no longer than a second to be swimming on the floor after that hit.

The hard falls and mean looks continued throughout the game as the hate that these two teams have for one another continued to skyrocket.

Oh yeah, John Wall was so frustrated that he had a few words at the free throw line…

It is obvious. As Isaiah Thomas highlighted in the post-game conference, these two teams do not like each other at all and will not like each other for the rest of this series.

Whatever happens, happens. The fans love it. We can only sit here and thank goodness that we get to see some of the basketball that was played on a NIGHTLY basis before.

Well, let’s wait and see how many more rumbles this Washington-Boston series brings us.