It is that time of the year again. In exactly one week, the College Football Playoff rankings will be released and the mystery and constant debate of who is in and who is out will be over. However, right now, the question remains…Who is in? With only one week of football left, we have a pretty good idea of who has a shot. Let’s break it down.


Oklahoma- After a dominating win over Oklahoma State took them to 11-1 and earned them the Big 12 championship, they were propelled into a lock for the playoff. They have no more games left so they will end their season at 11-1 with their only loos coming in their rivalry game against Texas. They finished the year better than anybody in football and they are a lock in the playoff

MSU/Iowa- It all depends on who wins the Big Ten championship. The winner is a lock due to the Big Ten being surprisingly tough this year and both teams would have a very impressive resume, especially MSU. Even though MSU will likely be fifth in the latest rankings, they still control their own destiny.

Win and your in:

Clemson- At number one in the country, all Clemson has to do is win. It does not matter how well or how bad they play, as long as they win. Seriously, just win. They play North Carolina and they can not take that team lightly, as they are 11-1 and likely will be a top 10 team come Tuesday. Even if Clemson loses, they will still have a shot because it will be their first loss, but a lot will have to happen. If they win, they will be the number one overall seed and will be in

Alabama- Alabama is in a good spot also. If they win, they are also in. Simple as that. They are playing a reeling Florida team who got stomped by Florida State on Saturday but this could be a great game for Florida to turn their luck around and win the SEC. The crazy part is, if Alabama loses, there will not be an SEC representative in the College Football Playoff.

Outside Looking in:

Stanford- Stanford still has a shot, even with 2 losses. If they can win the Pac 12 championship game over USC, they will have an impressive enough resume to possibly sneak in if Clemson or Alabama lose. I personally do not think any 2 loss team should get in, but they will at least have a shot as they will likely be sitting at number 7 in the most recent polls

Ohio State- I know it is hard to believe that they still have a shot, but they do. They will likely be sitting at 6 in the polls and since MSU/Iowa play each other, they also only need Clemson or Alabama to lose. The question becomes though, who would get in? Ohio State or Stanford.

North Carolina- Another question could arise, if North Carolina beats Clemson, do they jump Stanford and Ohio state and become the fourth team? They would be 12-1 with a win over the top ranked team in the country, so you cannot count them out.

Eliminated last week:


Notre Dame



Oklahoma State


Justin Golba

Spark Sports NCAA Analyst