Surely many people are wondering how good is Duke going to be with the loss of their key players such as Justice Winslow, Tyus Jones, Jahlil Okafor and more. This new Duke team consist of 8 freshman out of 13 hmm. There’s a couple of standouts though. Chase Jeter is a 6-10 215 pound PF. Jeter is a little underweight for a PF but as the years progress he’ll put on more weight. Jeter is very athletic. Duke has no worries with this guy down low. Jesters wingspan is ridiculous for a freshman. Jeter isn’t any regular freshman. We all remember Grayson Allen from the National Championship game coming off the bench and scoring an AndOne.

Grayson Allen led the Blue Devils to victory my opinion. As Grayson Allen becomes a Sophomore we’ll see what he brings to the court and after the season will he stay or not. All around the Blue Devils have a real young team that has no type of chemistry compared to the last years Blue Devils.

Honestly, the Duke Blue Devils in my opinion makes the tourney and gets eliminated in the Sweet Sixteen. Duke is the their rebuilding season and I think Coach K doesn’t realize that yet. Once they open the season up and lose a couple of games they’ll make a couple of adjustments and get back on track.

This year Duke won’t be dominant against UNC. UNC wins not in a close game but not in a blowout.

T’abren Wallace

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