It is getting close to that time. The time where some teams get to prepare for the playoff, and other teams get to watch from the outside. Now, for about the next month, teams are going to try and prove their worth and show the committee that they belong in top 4. Let’s take a look at the teams that I believe will be in come December, and who I think will miss the cut.

1: Clemson- In. They have the easiest road to the playoff by playing Syracuse, Wake Forest, and South Carolina, and then in the ACC championship with North Carolina. With the way this team and especially Deshaun Watson is playing, combined with the lack of highly ranked opponents, they have the best opportunity to run the table and take the number one spot into the playoff

2: Alabama- In. Being honest, I thought the SEC representative in the playoff would be LSU but after watching Alabama crush them and hold Fournette to less yards than carries, I am now sold. Derrick Henry is emerging as a Heisman front runner and as long as Jake Coker plays decent and holds a steady passing game, this team will easily make the playoff.

3: Ohio State- In. There have been questions about this team and they have looked shaky at times, but they just keep winning. 22 straight and counting. They actually have a slightly difficult schedule left with playing Michigan State, Michigan, and top 5 ranked Iowa, we will see if Ohio State is overrated or just as good as we thought they were. I see them winning out and getting in

4: Notre Dame- Out. Notre Dame is in a funny spot right now. They are fourth in the rankings but in my opinion, they can win out and still not make the playoff. The reason for that is Baylor. If Baylor wins out (which I think they will), they will get in over a one loss Notre Dame team.

5: Iowa- Out. This team is simple to me, it does not matter what they do in the regular season because I do not see them winning in the big ten championship game. They will either play Ohio State or Michigan State in the title game and, even though they are better than mist people think, they still are not good enough to beat either of those 2 teams.

6: Baylor- In. Baylor has taken a lot of grief for their strength of schedule so far this year, but no one can deny how tough heir next 3 weeks are. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU. That is brutal. If Baylor wins those games and goes undefeated with the big 12 conference title (which I think they will), they are just as deserving of that fourth spot as anyone else is. Especially over a one loss team.


Justin Golba

Spark Sports NCAA Analyst