Before we dive into things, let’s take a moment to congratulate the Alabama Crimson Tide on yet another stellar season with a magical ending. The 2018 National Championship will go down as an instant classic. Nonetheless, it was so much fun to watch.

Now, let’s get down to it. Nick Saban is a genius, an absolute genius. Year after year, the same consistency, the same mentality. No matter who he has on the field, his team will go out there and beat yours. Why is this the case? Because he is the greatest college football coach of all time.

Since Saban started coaching at Toledo in 1990, he has NEVER had a losing record as a head coach. He has an all time wins-losses record of 223-62; no big deal right? The success doesn’t stop in the regular season.

Saban has led his teams to a 13-9 bowl record, and has racked up 5 national championships at Alabama. He’s won 5 out of the 6 championship games he’s coached, and could very easily have been 6-0 if it was not for a last second touchdown by Clemson last year.

Now throwing numbers at you is one thing, but there’s so much more that Saban does that other coaches dream of doing. The countless 5 star recruits that are willing to come play for him. The leadership skills he was born with being one in a million. His knowledge of the game being beyond extraordinary. Like how in the hell do you throw a true freshman into the second half of the national championship game? Most coaches would get questioned hardcore for that, not Saban. Nobody questions anything he does, he has the respect of college football fans, players and coaches nationwide.

Another thing that goes unnoticed is the fact that Saban is a head coach producer. Want to be a head coach someday? Go work on Saban’s staff for a couple years and you are guaranteed a job somewhere. Names like Jimbo Fisher, Mark D’Antonio at MSU, and Kirby Smart, who he just beat on Monday.

The fact Saban can go out there and beat coaches that know exactly how his mind works is extraordinary. How he operates the game is what stands him apart from the second best coach of all time, Bear Bryant.

So, if you bleed the Crimson red, you have a lot to look forward to in the future. The endless 10 win seasons, a hall of fame coach at the helm and AT LEAST 5 more championships by the time Saban hangs up the coaches towel.