USC the coaching boneyard of college football (pardon Pete Carroll)  now is need of another coach. We seem to say this very often in college football, USC needs to bring in a coach who can turn this program around. Many people including myself thought USC was top four material at season start with Steve Sarkisian at the helm, we all know where that ends. Shall we ask drunk Steve Sarkisian though? USC needs to get this hire absolutely correct or the Trojans could find themselves slipping into an era of irrelevance. These 5 coaches deserve to be looked at by Pat Haden and the rest of the USC hiring board (in no particular order).

Chip Kelly– We’ll start off here with a media darling, you either love him or you hate him no in between. That’s not to say his coaching style is ineffective, although it seems to not be working to the extent it did at Oregon.  Chip the coach of the struggling NFL Eagles could quite possibly turn the Trojans around very quickly. A former PAC-12 coach at rival Oregon knows the insides and outs of the California and PAC-12 recruiting land. As a top recruit, what’s not to love about team always seeming to compete, under the direction of Chip Kelly.

Kevin Sumlin- This one may be a long shot considering Sumlin’s track record at A&M over the recent years beginning with Johnny Manziel. But as a head coach, you’ve got to ask yourself where can I win a championship the fastest, stuck in the SEC West with the likes of Bama Auburn and LSU, or at USC very rich history school. My gut would lean towards USC. Sumlin could take over and instill his values in a season and possibly have a powerhouse.

Kyle Whittingham- Kyle has a top five quite possibly a number one team at Utah, you best believe that this guy will be the first person to receive a phone call at seasons end about the job. Kyle part of two undefeated seasons at Utah is very adept to winning in the PAC-12, much like Kelly. Whittingham has been at Utah since 2005, quite the stint of coaching. Much like other coaches on this list though do you give up your team that you’ve built as a coach or go chase a top five job at USC.

Pat Fitzgerald- Northwestern wasn’t very high in any preseason polls, nor has Pat’s team gained much respect this season. The wildcats fresh off a shellacking at the hands of #12 Michigan have a little work to do for Fitzgerald to be at the top of USC’s list. Although at 5-1 second in the Big Ten West, a potential conference championship game could be in the cards for Northwestern. If the Wildcats can string together 10 wins this season Pat will rise on the coaching list, and I believe Pat is one of the coaches to jump all over this opportunity if given the chance.

Greg Schiano- Schiano is currently without a job coaching gig in college or the NFL so you know he’ll take this job in a heartbeat. Schiano the two year coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before getting fired had a fairly successful final of couple years at Rutgers at all places. Rutgers is a very hard school to do much of anything at. Schiano was the recruiter of former NFL running back Ray Rice, quite the land for Rutgers if you ask me. Nonetheless Schiano went 8-5 8-5 9-4 4-8 9-4 take away the 4-8 squad and you have a competent coach. Factor that along with the rich California recruiting, this could make Greg a solid coach at USC.

Others Considered- (Tom Herman) (Jack Del Rio) (Justin Fuente) (Will Muschamp)

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Mason Gray

Spark Sports Analyst