Below, I will be listing my favorite pick of each round of the 2017 NFL Draft, including highlights of each player, to go along with my analysis. Here it is:

Round 1, Pick 9: Cincinnati Bengals select John Ross (WR, Washington)

The man who is known for breaking the 40-yard dash record, with an astounding 4.22. John Ross was always my favorite WR heading into the draft, before watching his excellent performance at the combine. Ross has already mastered working quick routes from the slot with the explosive speed to make plays off a simple slant. If you want to look like a fool, then all you gotta do is play up on John Ross; dude will zoom by you and easily make a big play down the field. Andy Dalton now has so many targets to throw the ball too. With an already explosive and playmaking WR in A.J. Green, the Bengals have just added another one. To add onto that, the Bengals have one of the deadliest targets in the red zone, with a very dynamic and talented tight end in Tyler Eifert. The Bengals also have a very versatile group of running backs in Giovani Bernard, Jeremy Hill, and second round pick Joe Mixon. Expect a huge year for the Bengals offensively.

Round 2, Pick 36: Arizona Cardinals select Budda Baker (S, Washington)

Arizona traded up to get Baker, sending the Bears the 45th, 119th, and 197th picks this year as well as a 2018 fourth-rounder in exchange for the 36th and 221st picks. This trade was definitely a smart move for the Cardinals. With an already stacked group of defensive backs, the Arizona Cardinals have just added another playmaking safety in Budda Baker. The Cardinals will head into the season with potentially the best defensive group in the league, with talent all over, from the defensive line, all the way to the safety position.

Round 3, Pick 72: Tennessee Titans select Taywan Taylor (WR, Western Kentucky)

The Titans just fell short of making the NFL playoffs last season, and that is because of their lack of receivers. Marcus Mariota had an amazing year, but he could have been 10 times better if he had a dynamic WR to throw the ball too. Drafting Taywan Taylor gives Mariota more weapons to throw the ball to, as he is an excellent route runner with great hands.

Round 4, Pick 110: Jacksonville Jaguars select Dede Westbrook (WR, Oklahoma)

This was my favorite pick in the entire draft. Dede Westbrook was a complete steal. This dude should have been drafted in the first round. Westbrook easily gets his defenders off balance with his quick feet and body movements, which allows him to make big plays down the field. One of his best body movements is his double move, which always beats press coverage, and leads to a deep ball, which he rarely misjudges. Westbrook has an excellent burst off his plant foot, which creates immediate separation on slants and out routes and can make explosive plays after the catch with his elusiveness and nifty feet. With a disappointing year for Blake Bortles last season, expect him to have a huge bounce-back year after drafting a deadly running back in Leonard Fournette in the first round, their first true running back since Maurice Jones-Drew. Now, the Jaguars add another deadly weapon in Dede Westbrook, who will make it really easy for Bortles to get it going this season, allowing him to make huge plays down the field. Although he had problems off the field during his college career, this will not carry over into his NFL career. Fact.

Round 5, Pick 146: Denver Broncos select Jake Butt (TE, Michigan)

To start off round 5, the Denver broncos have selected one of the best tight ends in the draft, who was projected to get drafted in the first round up until tearing his ACL in the Orange Bowl. This is a very risky pick, but a very smart pick as well. Jake Butt has high potential to emerge as one of the best tight ends in the league. The Broncos have filled in one of their needs on the offensive end. They already have one of the best defenses in the league, and they just need to improve on the offensive end. They have a dynamic duo of WRs in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, and they just added an explosive tight end to their squad, one who reminds me of Greg Olsen.

Round 6, Pick 200: New York Giants select Adam Bisnowaty (OT, Pittsburgh)

The New York Giants had their struggles offensively last season, with Eli Manning not having enough protection to make plays. The Giants already have a spectacular defense and have a lot of empty holes on the offensive end, most of them being offensive linemen. After making a smart move and drafting a very talented running back in Wayne Gallman in Round 4, the Giants desperately needed a tough OT to create space for him to run and to protect Eli Manning, who now has one of the best receiving corps in the league after signing Brandon Marshall in the offseason and drafting TE Evan Engram in Round One. Expect the Giants to have an amazing year just like last year on the defensive end, and a huge bounce back year offensively on the offensive end

College Highlights: Adam Bisnowaty, T, Pittsburgh

Round 7, Pick 225: Chargers select Isaac Rochell (DE, Notre Dame)

The Chargers are a really talented team offensively with a playmaking QB in Philip Rivers, elite receiver in Keenan Allen, and star running back in Melvin Gordon. To add onto that, the Chargers drafted another gifted WR in Mike Williams in the first round, which has to make Philip Rivers really excited heading into next season. At the same time, the Chargers have a really disappointing defense. Isaac Rochell is a great pick for the Chargers, as he is a very athletic DL with a motor that’s always running to make plays.

College Highlights: Isaac Rochell, DT, Notre Dame