1. The Cleveland Browns WILL make the playoffs

Yes, you heard me correctly. The Browns will make the playoffs. They won’t have an amazing record, they’ll probably sneak into the wild card sitting at 8-8 or 9-7. Lets face it, they should have won at least 3 games this year. So going from 3 to 8 isn’t as big as a jump from 0 to 8. The AFC is getting weaker, so is their division. They can beat the Ravens and Bengals. Actually, a clean sweep. That’s half their wins right there. Pull of an upset or two, and beat another team or two at home and bam, playoffs.

You all may call me crazy, but just wait. Don’t sleep on the Browns. Talent from the college level takes time to transform into the pros.

2. The Eagles WILL win the NFC, again

The Eagles are starting something insane out in Philly. Doug Pederson got robbed of coach of the year as they won the Super Bowl with a backup QB. Sub in Wentz, and the scatter brained NFC… they definitely have better chances to repeat then say Green Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta or LA.

3. The Jaguars WILL plummet 

This year was a fluke. Sorry Jaguars fans. Bortles will not play as well as he did last year. Defenses will figure out how to stop Fournette, and the defense (although very good) sometimes can’t show up. Look out for the Jaguars in a healthy AFC South to maybe go 7-9, maybe even 6-10.

via sportsgrid.com

4. The Patriots WILL be one and done in the playoffs

As much as I want to keep witnessing the Patriots Dynasty, I think we are unfortunately watching the downfall of it. Brady, is old. Old + NFL = Injuries. They lost their defensive coordinator, and are actually playing in a competitive division (which they haven’t in the past). KEEP IN MIND, the Patriots will still be good, and will make the playoffs, but don’t be surprised if they get bounced in the first round by a team like Pittsburgh.

5. The Bears WILL finish over .500

As a Packers fan, it pains me to say this, but the Bears are going to be very good very soon. This year will be Trubisky’s big test. If he plays the system well enough, he can lead the Bears to an 8-8 record, but that could just be the beginning of something special in Chicago. This is the time if you are a Bears fan. The Packers are re-building their defense, the Lions are always mediocre. There’s no reason why they can’t come in second in the division at 8-8.