33-year-old quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, is one of the best to play the position; most know this. In a league with so many great QB talents, he is the best there is. You can make cases for whoever you want. Whether it’s Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, or whoever, Rodgers comes out on top. Why? How?

1. The Eye Test: Any DB will tell you that Aaron Rodgers’ game film is RIDICULOUS. He makes throws that the best QB’s, even Hall Of Famers, dream of making. He can roll left, right, or any direction and still deliver a pretty ball to his target. Tell that to Chicago, Arizona, Detroit, Dallas, or whoever; he is ridiculous. For example, watch this DIME to Jared Cook in the Divisional Round on Sunday…

That is a beautiful throw. Rolling to his left, Rodgers throws the ball in an almost impossibly tight window, and gets Jared Cook, who made a tremendous catch. Last weekend was only one of many examples of the throws that he makes in clutch situations, that no other quarterback can seem to make. This dude is a magician. He does what he wants on the field.

The most interesting and impressive part of that play was that he drew it up on the fly during the game directly before the snap. Now, that is praise-worthy.


2. Pinpoint Accuracy: Rodgers has the best accuracy in the game, no doubt. He can do things with the ball like no other has in the 97-year history of the game. He can stand inside the pocket and drop dimes, or roll out and drop dimes on or off one leg. Whatever you throw his way, he’ll get it done. Rodgers is just that good. No QB can be as accurate as him in these types of situations. Clutch, accurate, whatever you could think of.


Do not forget about his quick release. He has one of the quickest and impressive release in all of football. According to his receivers, you can hear the whistle on the ball when he zips it out of his hand. That’s just something else. Plays including fake handoffs, short slant passes to WR’s, and much more more. You can’t get bored watching Aaron Rodgers.


3. Mobility: Rodgers may not be the fastest runner at his position, but he rather work smart than hard. He can get first downs when you need them. He can also throw off  different platforms when rolling outside of the pocket.

Rodgers gets out the pocket so fast. Just scroll back up and watch the throw to Jared Cook.

This last clip is from his “off year” last year. His top 10 plays from the 2015 season, which will explain everything just said to you. Aaron Rodgers is the most talented QB in the NFL.