What happened again?

Yes ladies and gentlemen. If you have been around the site, you know that there has been other DUI incidents with other professional athletes such as the situation with Ty Lawson.

Yet again, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has been charged with hit and run charges, along with a 3rd DUI arrest.

“Justice will be served, the truth will come out,” Smith told KTVU Fox 2 as he walked out of jail. “There’s no DUI. … I want everybody to understand the situation that happened could have been handled differently.”

Aldon Smith (

Disregarding the statement by Smith, the 49ers decided to release the linebacker after the recent tragedies they heard about.

Aldon Smith was booked into Santa Clara County Jail and released on Friday on a $26,000 bond.

“This organization has tried very hard to help Aldon fight his issues,” the team had stated in a statement. “Although he is no longer a member of this team, our support and concern for him will continue.”

49ers head coach Jim Tomsula was saddened by the situation and explained to the press how his players are hurting from this recent tragedy.

“Sad day,” Tomsula, 49ers first-year coach said at a news conference. “This is a day that doesn’t have anything to do about football. … Although he won’t be playing football for the San Francisco 49ers, he will be supported and helped, and he will not have to walk this path alone. That comes from our ownership down. … We’re not worried about football. This has nothing to do with football.

“If one person out there reads [about] this and you’re struggling, get help. Go get it. You’re worth it. You’re worth it. There’s value in in every human being. Go get the help. You don’t have to walk alone. Find it, it’s there.”

From this recent incident with the 49ers, Smith will be a free agent and ready to be picked up by a team that chooses to.

Smith has been arrested for DUI charges in January 2012 and September 2013 previously. These included charges of DUI yet again, and possession of weapons at a party Smith attended in June 2012.

Will this affect his career? After this season, Smith will be pulling in a pretty huge sum of $5m. I am sure he still has a smile on his face, with high hopes of getting another chance at the NFL.

What do you guys think? Does he deserve another chance? Or should I say, another-another-another chance.

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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