Yesterday, we had something special happen… a trade, in the NFL. Alex Smith to the Redskins to take over the starting gig, and Kendall Fuller with a 3rd round draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Let’s break down who actually won this trade…

Loser #1

The Kansas City Chiefs. Ideally, you want a veteran quarterback to teach new draftee the ways of the NFL, the playbook, etc. Trading away Smith leaves Patrick Mahomes as the face of the offense, with little to no experience running it. Mahomes will have a ton of work to do, and the pressure of succeeding running down his throat, I really hope he does shine.

Loser #2

Kendall Fuller. The poor man didn’t even know he was going to get traded. That’s poor organizational skills on behalf of the Chiefs. Or maybe Fuller was too busy on Twitter… who knows.

yooooo this has me dead the poor guy didn’t even know lol via @sbnation

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Winner #1

Kirk Cousins. With the signing of Alex Smith, what does this mean for Kirk Cousins? Well, he gets to leave a not so great organization where he never wanted to be anyway. He leaves a sub-par receiving core, defense and division. The only bad part is, he will not get to pick where he gets to go, but as long as it isn’t the Browns, he’ll be better off.

Ideally I’d like to see him in a Broncos jersey.

Winner #2

Alex Smith. Alex Smith has been passed over a bunch in his career, the 49ers were quick to let go of him, the Chiefs never really made him a franchise QB, which he very well could have been. But with him signing a 4 year extension with Washington, it shows that somebody, FINALLY, has given him some value as a genuine QB, and for that, and the big chunk of change he’s getting with that, he’s winning.