Leonard Fournette now has 1022 yards and 12 touchdowns through five games. Fournette seems to be well on his way to 2000 yards and 20 touchdowns.

If Fournette can reach 2600 yards he will be only the second player to ever do this putting his name on a list with Barry Sanders. Fournette will more than likely be a Heisman finalist this season strengthening his draft stock. Simply put Fournette could quite possibly be one of the greatest running back prospects of this decade. He seems to be a lock for a top 5 pick given Todd Gurley’s draft position last year. But there is a caveat, he will be a high pick next season when he is eligible under NCAA rules.

This brings up the question for next year, does Fournette play as a junior or sit out and rest himself in order to prevent injury. Nick Chubb could have been a first round pick this season, but due to yesterdays’s injury, Chubb’s playing career could be in serious question.

Chubb tore his PCL on a very gruesome injury per multiple sources, removing him from Georgia for the entire season. Now Chubb who could have been a high pick now will more than likely enter the draft as a giant question mark, that is if he ever plays again.

This injury is a tad like the injury of Marcus Lattimore back in 2012, in which Lattimore never touched the field again after that. If Fournette sits his junior season though, he could get rusty without a game to play in and his draft stock could then fall.

Running backs don’t have a very long shelf life either, playing into their late 20’s early 30’s. A rookie running back will be near 21 years of age after three seasons in college. This rule change would obviously not only be for running backs but all positions, although injuries are more common to running backs than most positions and running backs seem to last the shortest amount of time in the NFL as well. This rule needs a drastic change, kind of to follow the set of rules the NBA has. And I also believe this past week of college football will bring to light the changes needed to the NCAA Rules Committee.

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Mason Gray

Spark Sports Analyst