Only two days away from the NFL combine, the time comes again when athletes have the chance to showcase themselves into more millions. With some of the great historic showings by Vernon Davis, Byron Jones, and Calvin Johnson, it has become a spectacle and staple in today’s broadcasting and player evaluation. From the NFL’s 2003 coverage debut until now, here are the individuals who sit on the throne of the different drills:

40 Yard Dash

As many have come out throughout the years such as the likes of Bo Jackson, Randy Moss, and Deion Sanders on triumphing Chris Johnson’s previous record of a 4.24, it would be Washington’s own, John Ross, who glided across the field to officially hold the crown.

Bench Press

Everyone knows not to mess with lineman, period. They’re constantly in the grittiest part of the game, play in and play out. As for Stephen Paea, he reminded anyone who questioned that statement. That performance was simply grown man strength.

Vertical Jump

Although performing the event at his pro day, former Seattle Seahawks, Jameson Konz, tied the official vertical record with former Dallas Cowboys, Gerald Sensabaugh, at 46″. Who said white men can’t jump?!

Broad Jump

An athletic freak who dominated the combine in every way, Byron Jones would not only set an NFL combine record with this jump, but a world one as well. Standing for 46 years, Jones topped it by a full eight inches (11’7″)!

Who could possibly become a new king at the combine?