Aaron Kromer, the Buffalo Bills offensive line coach, was arrested Sunday morning in Florida after reportedly punching a young boy in the face and threatening to kill his family.

Wow, sounds pretty serious, just listen to the reasons why this actually happened.

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s office, Mr. Kromer and his son Zachary had basically confronted and argued with three young men, who were fishing, on the subject of beach chairs.

Aaron Kromer was accused of punching one of the boys in the face on the ground, after throwing his fishing pole in the water. He told the boy if he did not return the chairs to where they found them, he would allegedly kill him. Kromer also continued that if he went to the police, he would kill his family.

According to the police report, the son of Mr. Kromer, Zachary, went back to talk to the young boys, and helped them get their fishing pole back. Cleaning up after “crazy” dad? I think so.

As you probably would assume, Kromer was booked into Walton County Jail at 1:51 a.m ET and was released on bond at 3:10 a.m.

The Buffalo Bills said later in a statement, “We are aware of the report and in process of gathering the facts.”

What facts? If those stories from the police department are real, I do not see a reason why this man should not be handled with by the judge, which will dictate his future in the community. He did not have the right to cause that kind of scene in front of his son and with other young men.

Whether or not, we will see how the NFL and the Buffalo Bills handle this issue. Let me know what you think!

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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