With the Cowboys now 2-5 and almost half way through the season the question becomes, Can the team save their season? The answer I believe is yes, but there is a hard road ahead. The next two games, before Tony Romo can return, are against the Eagles (3-4) and Buccaneers (3-4). I think the Cowboys can win these games, but the biggest problem is the Quarterback play. After Tony Romo went down, the team went from Brandon Weeden to Matt Cassel and neither has been able to produce a winning game. Now don’t get me wrong they played well, but not well enough to win. The most disturbing stat is Tony Romo had three TDs in the first game of the season and Weeden/Cassel has a combined three TDs in the last six games. The bottom line is the Cowboys need a better quality backup. In addition, this off season it’s time to draft a QB. Romo cannot play forever and it’s time to start thinking about the future.

In order for the Cowboys to win the next two games they have to score points. It’s just that simple. It does not matter if it’s on Offense, Defense, or Special Teams. I believe it starts with the offense, which has been struggling. However, on the positive side the Offense has found some rhythm with Darren McFadden, who is now leading the team in rushing and will be the lead back with Joseph Randle gone. The Eagles and Buccaneers are not a top defense so I see Darren McFadden with another 20+ carriers, but the key is Matt Cassel has to be smart with the football and I don’t consider just throwing dump-offs as smart football. Dez Bryant should be healthier this week than last week and give the Cowboys a boost. Cassel needs to get it to Dez early and often. Also, I would incorporate slant plays and reverses for Lucky Whitehead and Cole Beasley.

The Cowboys Defense, who also has been struggling, can hopefully build off last week’s interception by Greg Hardy where he almost scored a touchdown. This was the third interception of the year, but the first since Week 2. I’m expecting more from this Defense with top names like Sean Lee, Rolando McClain, Barry Church, and Greg Hardy. I will give two passes to Sean Lee and Greg Hardy because they have been leading the way on Defense. Sean Lee leading the team in tackles and Greg Hardy tied for the lead in sacks even after being suspended the first four games. Believe it or not Jack Crawford not Tyrone Crawford, who received a big money contract extension in the summer, is tied with Greg Hardy in sacks which is mind-boggling. The bottom line is this Defense has too much potential and star power to be mediocre. I hope to see a dominating Defense the rest of the season.

When Tony Romo returns the Cowboys will be back to full strength, but I think Tony Romo will need some time to adjust. That’s why it is very important for the Cowboys to win these next two games. By the winning the next two games, in a weak NFC East, the Cowboys will still have an opportunity to make the playoffs. By not winning the next two games it puts the Cowboys at 2-7 almost making it impossible to make the playoffs. I’m excited to see how everything is going to fallout. I invite you to get some popcorn and enjoy the show called the Dallas Cowboys.

 Ben Sudderth III

Spark Sports NFL Analyst

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