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Cleveland Football:

Is Johnny Manziel the answer for the Browns future with the current roster they have?
@J_McCurry08 replies-
I don’t think he’s the answer, although Manziel has backing from the front office.I don’t think Coach Pettine has the time or patience for Manziel nor should he.Pettine should be focused on winning the best way possible because he could be gone as soon as this coming offseason.
@Tonylopo adds his opinion-
JM has the athletic ability and talent to be our starting and future quarterback. My answer is yes. That answer hinges on weather or not he can learn to be a NFL quarterback. Only time will tell. You have to take in account that in college he wasnt calling plays from the line of scrimmage…totally different system he has to learn now in the NFL. He has the tools to be. You saw that in preseason. If he can learn to stay in the pocket and only use his legs when he has to. He could be very dangerous. Dual threat.

@JeffOPolka comments on Johnny
Tough one. I want to say yes. He’s definitely shown improvement. I think he could be serviceable,but “the future”? As in the starter for several years? I really want him to be,but realistically I don’t think so.
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