Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Chargers, formerly (now) of San Diego, are set to announce a move to Los Angeles. This move makes them the second team in LA now, with the Rams. They do not yet have a head coach in place after the firing of Mike McCoy. They played at Qualcomm Stadium (has had different names, but same stadium) since 1967.

They will now share their stadium with the Rams, the very expensive brand new arena being built currently in Los Angeles. It seemed as if the LA people were done with the Rams after 12 games. Which makes it to where it puzzles people as to why the Chargers would make this move, granted it seems like the fans of San Diego made it somewhat tough to stay there.

Though, not much details have been uncovered on this story yet, the most we know is that they are announcing their move to LA soon. The west coast has gained 2 major franchises in the past couple seasons (Rams franchise and the new LV Golden Knights of the NHL), technically the Chargers have been on the West Coast for a long time, but this is a gain for the city of LA itself.

Keep on the lookout for more on this story. More details are to be released soon I’m sure. BUT we do know that the Chargers are in fact moving to the city of Los Angeles. Send us your thoughts on this move!