The New England Patriots started illegally recording other teams’ signals beginning in the year 2000, 7 plus years before the ‘Spygate’ scandal broke. We should know that already, but instead Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down punishment before investigating and ordered the evidence to be destroyed.

That spells cover up, simple and plain.

Additional cheating methods by the Patriots reported by ESPN include stealing scripted play sheets from opposing locker rooms, and jamming radio communication to the opposing teams quarterback.

But about that cover up.  Why would Goodell go to such lengths to halt further exposure to the Patriots nefarious ways?   By all accounts, Patriots owner Robert Kraft was a big reason Goodell got promoted to his current spot.  They were so close that in those early 2000’s that Kraft was sometimes called the  ‘assistant commissioner’. Kraft is also on the Compensation Committee, which decides Goodell’s salary.

The owners smelled a rat. They wanted to know more, but were left to speculate.  Deflategate was as one owner put it a ‘makeup call’ for how Spygate was handled.

Whatever his reasons were to stomp on those tapes and shred those documents, they were wrong.  To expect anybody to believe that he made that order ‘so they couldn’t be exploited again’ is ridiculous, and reeks of a back alley partnership between Commissioner Roger Goodell and the New England Patriots.

Is Roger Goodell going way too far and does he deserve to be brought down?

As far as how much the Patriots benefited from their cheating, it’s hard to tell.  Read about it here and see what you think.  But Roger Goodell? Corruption up top in the NFL.  I’m surprised he has lasted this long, except that the league has been growing under his tenure. At some point, however,  NFL ownership may decide that the term ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ no longer applies to their league’s public image.

Luke Straub

Spark Sports Analyst