The Chiefs started out this season 5-0 with wins over the Patriots and Eagles.

Now, their season has turned upside down and they find themselves 6-6. Today we look at what went wrong after their 5-0 start.


Bob Sutton is a terrible defensive coordinator. Plain and simple. His whole defensive scheme revolves around Eric Berry, and since Berry has been out, this defense has been on the decline. Last season with Berry healthy, their defense was top 5 in the league. With Berry out, bottom 10.

Sutton also plays a bend but does not break defense. The Chiefs defense ranked 30th in yard per game and the main reason why is because they don’t want to give up big plays. The cornerbacks play far off the line of scrimmage giving the quarterback a lot of short options.

When watching this defense plays, they struggle against slants which is why quarterbacks like Derek Carr and Josh McCown have exposed this defense. Running backs find success against this defense since the defense gives up so much space to operate.

Offense wins game, but defense wins championships and if Bob Sutton is the defensive coordinator, then Chiefs fan can kiss their chance at the Super Bowl good-bye.

Going Away From the Run Game

Through their five game winning streaks, Hunt was averaging 19.4 carries a game. Now, Hunt averages 14.5 carries the game. Andy Reid is too quick to pull the plug on the run game if it is not doing good.

Hunt’s stats have been on the decline since the Chiefs five game winning streak. Is it Hunt’s fault? No. The offensive line has been terrible. There have been miscommunication and to many individuals breakdown. The O-line needs to step it up.