Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant had a bone graph done on his foot as part of the standard procedure in the recovery process. Numerous sources told the Media that the graph was a good sign and that Dez is healing great.

Bryant has a fracture in his 5th metatarsal which is the bone that runs on the outside of the foot by the pinkie toe. Dez sustained the injury last week against the New York Giants. The original time table for a return to the Cowboys was an optomistic 4-6 weeks ,however 8 weeks seems more reasonable. With the good news recieved in the graph the organization recieved the Cowboys opted to not put Dez on IR which would have made him miss a minimum of eight games.  If Bryant were placed on IR a roster spot would be open until Dez was able to return.

Head coach Jason Garret commented on the situation. “I think you’re always trying to assess how long a player is going to be out and the value of that guy,” coach Jason Garrett said Friday. “In Dez’s case, we want to give him every opportunity to be back as soon as he can. We’re optimistic that he can be back soon, and obviously he’s an impact player for us.”

This is the same injury that caused OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant to miss bassiclay all of the 14-15 season. Sophomore defensive end Demarcus Lawrence also sustained the same injury last year and was able to return by week eight.

The Cowboys hope Dez can return by OCT. 25 when the team the New York Giants.

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