Dede Westbrook, a two-year starter at Oklahoma, has emerged as one of college football’s top wideouts in 2016 with a sensational senior season, being the go-to guy all year for Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield.

He easily gets his defenders off balance with his quick feet and body movements, which allows him to make big plays down the field. One of his best body movements is his double move, which always beats press coverage, leads to a deep ball, which he rarely misjudges.

Westbrook has an excellent burst off his plant foot, which creates immediate separation on slants and out routes and can make explosive plays after the catch with his elusiveness and nifty feet.

Player Comparison: DeSean Jackson, with a dash of Tyreek Hill

Teams that he can have a huge impact on:

Pittsburgh Steelers: Big Ben loves throwing the deep ball, and with the addition of Westbrook to star players Lev’eon Bell and Antonio Brown, the Steelers will have an unstoppable offense. Westbrook can also learn from one of the best wideouts in the NFL, Antonio Brown, which will really boost up his game.

Tennessee Titans: The Titans just fell short of making the NFL playoffs this past season, and that is because of their lack of WR’s. Marcus Mariota had an amazing year, but he could have been 10 times better if he had a dynamic WR to throw the ball too, and drafting Dede Westbrook will really help Mariota next season, which will give the Titans a good chance of making the playoffs.