These Five NFL Teams Combined to Go 32-48

The NFL regular season is completely behind us. But there were a ton of teams that disappointed us this past year. In fact, there were five teams that in particular. During the preseason, each of these organizations had hopes of reaching the playoffs. But after 17 weeks of football, none of them advanced to the postseason. Adding on to their embarrassing seasons, three of the five teams failed to have winning records. Here are the five most disappointing NFL teams from this past season.

1. New York Giants (3-13)

The Giants were fresh off of an 11-5 campaign and most expected them to get back to the playoffs. But instead, they finished with the second worst record in the league, only better than the winless Cleveland Browns. New York started 0-5 with a combined score of 122-82. The low point of the season was a 51-17 loss at home to the Los Angeles Rams. It seemed as though the Giants had no interest playing that game. Eli Manning, veteran starting quarterback, was then benched. Ben McAdoo, head coach, was fired midseason. All in all, it was a pathetic season from New York’s finest.

2. Oakland Raiders (6-10)

The Raiders weren’t as bad as the Giants, but they might as well have been. Many thought Oakland was ready to compete for a Super Bowl this year. They had all the makings of doing so, and showed a ton of potential last year. After going 12-4 in 2016-17, the Raiders couldn’t produce at the same level. Derek Carr was injured for multiple games, which obviously didn’t help. The season ended with four consecutive losses. Jack Del Rio was later fired after going 25-23 in three seasons. Since then, the Raiders have hired Jon Gruden.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)

The Buccaneers finished 9-7 a season ago behind a stellar season from Jameis Winston. Which meant a lot of hype and expectations came during the offseason. People expected them to take the next step and make the playoffs. Instead, the organization took a few steps back and looked lost for a majority of the year. Winston was didn’t play that well, finishing with just a 50.3 QBR. And the running game was problematic. The leading rusher, Peyton Barber, only compiled 423 yards. Dirk Koetter is going to be back for at least the start of next season, though, as the team announced.

4. Dallas Cowboys (9-7)

The Cowboys were the top seed in the NFC in 2016-17 so there expectations were raised a peg. Dak Prescott was supposed to keep developing into a star in the NFL. Ezekiel Elliott was supposed to be the best running back in the league. No such luck for America’s Team. Elliott was suspended six games, and the back-and-forth appeals clouded the Cowboys’ season. Dallas only managed a 3-5 record on their home field. And with a chance to stay in playoff contention in Week 16, they looked abysmal, losing 21-12 against the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe next year will be a bit better.

5. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)

The Seahawks didn’t live up to lofty goals, which is always the case given their talented defense. The NFC West is supposed to be Seattle’s division to win every single year. And they are given a chance to win the Super Bowl by a lot as well. But this year, they simply looked different. Seattle wasn’t the same team we had become accustomed to. Part of that was injuries to guys like Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner. The low point for this franchise was a 42-7 home loss against the L.A. Rams. Not only was it a blowout, but it also felt like a passing of the torch in the NFC West division.

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated.