Carson Wentz, a potential MVP winner, tore his ACL in Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams. As soon as he went down with this injury, many fans said RIP to the Eagles season. As losing Carson Wentz is big, I still think they can be successful with Nick Foles at the helm. Throughout this article, I will be discussing what the Eagle’s need to do to be successful and why they still can be successful without Carson Wentz.

Post Carson Wentz Success

  1. Run the Ball

Most backup quarterbacks are successful because of their teams dominant run game. Dak Prescott (former backup) and Brock Osweiler are few backup quarterbacks that benefited from a strong running game. For the Eagles, it is no different.

The Eagles have a strong trio of running backs in Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount, and Corey Clement who are all different style running backs. Nick Foles benefits from this because now he doesn’t have to throw the ball thirty plus times a game just because the run game fails. If one running back has a bad game, they just take him out and sub another one right into the game.

Nick Foles also benefits as this opens up the passing game. Running the ball and having consistent success makes the defense commit to the run which in turn opens up the passing game. For any backup quarterback, a consistent run game leads to success.

2. Do Not Rush Offensively

While on offense, take your time while calling your play. Let the game clock go down to below 5 before snapping the ball. Long drives make the defense tired. When the defense is tired holes open up in the defense which can result in a touchdown.

3.  Defense Needs to Force Quick Three and Outs

This will not happen every time, but just the defense forcing a quick three and out makes all the difference. The opposing team’s defense will be tired when they get back onto the field. This then leads to the defense opening up and leaving gaps throughout the secondary.

Why The Eagles Will Be Successful

  1. Experience at the Backup Quarterback Position

There is a reason why backups are not successful most of the times. They have very little experience. With Nick Foles, the Eagles are very familiar with him. A former starter with the Eagles, Foles has put up numbers very close to Carson Wentz. He threw for 2,891 yards, 27 touchdowns, 2 interceptions while throwing a 64% completion percentage. Foles will not be the same player he was 5 years ago, but this experience will help the Eagles be successful.

Nick Foles will not replace Carson Wentz and he never will, but Foles can keep up the Eagles success this season.