The Atlanta Falcons acted quick to replace their former Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Today they hired Steve Sarkisian, the former head coach of USC, who coached 1 game in 2017 as OC for Alabama. Now, he has a new gig.

They replaced Shanahan, who went to be the head coach of the 49ers, with Sarkisian, who was Offensive Coordinator in the National Championship for Alabama. This is weird because Sarkisian was only with Alabama for 1 game, but you could say he’s taking a better opportunity.

Sarkisian will get the chance to coach 2016’s #1 offensive unit in the NFL. His offense will be led by MVP Matt Ryan and one of the best receivers in the league, Julio Jones.

Sarkisian had a legal problem which led to his firing at USC. He was intoxicated at a team event and made a speech while under the influence. He gets a great NFL opportunity now.