Are you tired of hearing about Tom Brady & Deflate Gate?

The Judge overturned the suspension of the quarterback.

After this ruling,I knew many had their opinions. Regardless if your sick of the subject,you’re thinking something.

What’s the Word on the Twitter Streets you ask?

Spark Sports Analyst @TVG_5 had his opinion.
The question of this case was never his innocence (which I have my own doubts about like everyone) but it was the process and method in which Goodell and the league went about the punishment, investigation, etc.It became a giant ego battle and a stain on the league.There really wasn’t a precedent for these penalties. However it does put a nice little bow on an awful year for Goodell. About a year ago, the elevator video emerged, a year later he is yet again struck down in court. #justice
Also I’m not a Pats fan at all. I have no reason to hate them or root for them.

@KingJoe48 was not shy about his thoughts either.
Ridiculous, the whole deflategate saga was he said she said the whole time, I think the Patriots organization does some sketchy things and the commissioner tried to take advantage of the power he has. I still think this entire situation puts an asterisk on not only the Super Bowl win but the legacy of Tom.
Brady, he can’t be looked at the same again. Thanks for even reading my opinion if you do.

@Unclepauly333 stopped by to add his thoughts.
I think the writing was on the wall for the overturn.The tyrant had no actual evidence to suspend.Now Goodell will go against the owners who don’t want him to appeal just to save face.It’s sad..this guy is out of control.

@skylar_hartwick spoke up also.
I couldn’t be happier.He was unfairly suspended without any actual evidence and it showed that Goodell can’t get everything he wants, which is something this league needed because he should not be handling punishments by himself.

Ravens fan @xRAABOOSHAx was nice enough to speak on the subject.
As far as Tom being proclaimed innocent by the courts, it is what it is as far as I’m concerned. He had his day in court. The NFL didn’t do right by their investigation.The judge ruled that Tom shouldn’t have been suspended and exonerated him of all wrong-doing. I’m just waiting for football season to begin and hoping to see Tom be put on his backside more often than not due to the inexperience of his offensive line.

Cowboys fan @Hononegah1988 didn’t mess around getting to his opinion.
Really to me the courts are saying don’t do drugs ? but it’s ok to cheat.

Everyone has a different take on this conversation from around the globe.
This is what makes sports talk so great.

Like it or not,Brady will be playing Week 1 vs the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Jay Dee

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