Every week of football is bringing new exciting thoughts/reactions on teams/players and how they are performing. These are five things to keep in mind as the season continues to roll by:

  1. The Cincinnati Bengals Are A Serious Threat To Win The Super Bowl

Four games, four wins, one turnover for Andy Dalton.

The Bengals have dominated through their first four games. Yesterday, Andy Dalton played another terrific game. He finished with 321 passing yards and one touchdown, but what really sticks out to me, is the fact that Dalton still has only turned the ball over once this season. This is the first time in his career that he hasn’t committed more than one turnover over a span of four games. Just from watching Dalton this year, I have seen a different type of guy. He looks poised, matured, and ready to lead this team to the promise land.

On defense, the Bengals have been almost perfect. They have sacked the opposing teams’ quarterback 11 times, good for fourth most by any team this season. They have given up the seventh fewest points this season, and are tied for third in forced fumbles. Their opponents are converting a mere 12 percent on third downs greater than five yards or more. To put in similar terms, the Bengals’ defense is really good.


  1. I’m Punting On The Philadelphia Eagles

I am officially punting on my preseason pick to win the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles. Through four games, the Eagles are 1-3 and have looked abysmal at times during each game. Their high profile offseason acquisition of DeMarco Murray has been a nightmare. In three games, Murray has rushed for 47 yards, good for a mere 1.6 yards per carry. Not only has he been terrible, but also the Eagles’ first round pick, Nelson Agholor has had trouble staying on the field. According to ESPN, Agholor has struggled to learn the playbook. And even when he has been on the field, he has been awful. He leads the team in dropped passes, and yesterday he had arguably the worst fumble of the season thus far, dropping an end around without even being touched.

I’m a big supporter of Chip Kelly, but through the first fourth of the season, his team has been a mess, and Kelly deserves the bulk of the blame. He’s in charge of player personal, and the moves he has made thus far have not panned out. I’m punting on the Eagles this season. They are done. I’ll say it right now, I WAS WRONG ABOUT THE PHILDLEHIA EAGLES. I’LL BE SHOCKED IF THIS TEAM WINS MORE THAN SEVEN GAMES.


  1. The San Diego Chargers Hate Melvin Gordon

I’m being serious! You spent a first round pick on the guy, and despite this, Danny Woodhead seems to always be in the crucial times of games. Yesterday, on during the game winning drive, who was in at running back? Not Gordon, but Woodhead. Gordon has been the better back this season. He’s averaging more yards per carry and is the only running back this season to have a rush of at least 20 yards in every game. Why do the Chargers continue to miss-use Gordon? Why do they insist on giving Woodhead touches when clearly, Gordon has been the more efficient player? It is truly a mystery.

Yesterday, Gordon got a mere 12 carries, and was in on less than 55 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. I understand that Woodhead is the better receiving back, but what I don’t understand is why the Chargers don’t use more two running back sets. Gordon and Woodhead have been on the field together on less than 10 percent of the Chargers’ offensive plays this season. The only “reasonable” outcome I can think of is, the Chargers hate Melvin Gordon.


  1. Ryan Tannehill Is The Jay Cutler Of This Season

What I mean by this, is a quarterback who received a big contract (much to the dismay of the local fan base) and regressed. This past offseason, Tannehill signed a 4 year $77 million contract, despite not really proving he deserved it. This did not please fans of the Dolphins and through the first four games their dissatisfaction has been justified. Tannehill has been downright awful. He’s thrown seven touchdowns and five interceptions. His completion percentage is a career low 56.7 percent, and he ranks last in the league in completion percentage of throws 30 or more yards. The Dolphins are 1-3, despite the fact that this was supposed to be the easy part of the teams’ schedule. Their next three games are against the Titans, Texans, and Patriots, all games I expect the Dolphins to lose. Tannehill came in with high expectations, and he has done anything but come close to meeting said expectations.


  1. The Cowboys Are Officially The Unluckiest Team Of 2015

Four weeks into the season and the Cowboys have been hit with an abundance of injuries. Entering the game yesterday, the Cowboys already were hindered without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, and now the Cowboys are likely going to be without Sean Lee for a few weeks whom suffered a concussion, Lance Dunbar is likely done for the year with a torn ACL, and Brice Butler is day to day with a hamstring injury. In a division as wide open as the NFC East it’s unfortunate to see the Cowboys hit with so many injuries.

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