1. If You’re A Football Fan, You Should Be Rooting For A Patriots Broncos Rematch In The Playoffs.

Despite depleted offensive lines and linebackers for both the Broncos and Patriots, a depleted receiving core for the Patriots, and an inexperienced quarterback for the Broncos, the Sunday night football game between New England and Denver was an instant classic. So, imagine a game in which both teams are closer to full strength?

Come January, both the Patriots and Broncos should be closer to 100 percent. Danny Amendola and Jamie Collins should be back for the Patriots by next week. Julian Edelman will also be back in time for the playoffs. According to multiple reports Rob Gronkowski will not miss “a significant amount of time”. Given the Patriots depleted offensive weapons and injuries on the defense to Collins and Dont’a Hightower, the fact that the Patriots still competed with the Broncos is amazing. Come January, when this team is healthy, the Patriots will be the favorite to win the Super Bowl.

Like the Patriots, by the time January rolls around, the Broncos will also be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. DeMarcus Ware, the teams’ stud pass rusher, will be back within the next few weeks. Quarterback Brock Osweiler was making just his second career start. Given his inexperience we can only assume he will improve, as the offense has already looked much better with him under center than it did with Peyton Manning.

The bottom line is this; a Patriots Broncos rematch in the playoffs would be a dream matchup for any football fan.

         2. The Rams’ Defense Is Overrated

Throughout the Jeff Fisher era the Rams have been praised for having a prolific defense. This season has been no different, but after today, I am certain, this defense is overrated.

In two of their last three games the defense has given up over 30 points, one of those games was against a Bears team that was without Alshon Jeffery. Yesterday they allowed Andy Dalton to throw for three touchdowns. They gave up 86 rushing yards to Jeremy Hill. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “86 rushing yards isn’t that much,” but when you give them up to Jeremy Hill, a player who has struggled to rush for 60 yards in a game since week one, I think it is a big deal. In addition to that, the defense just looks less explosive than in years passed.

Their defensive numbers aren’t terrible, but for a team that is praised for having one of the best defenses in the NFL, their numbers should be much better than 11th in total yards allowed and 16th in total rushing yards allowed.

The bottom line here is the Rams’ dominant defense isn’t as dominant as we thought it was.


3.  It’s Time For The Cowboys To Shut Down Dez Bryant

It’s time to face the music Cowboys fans. Your season is over. Your team is 3-8 and it would take a Christmas miracle to qualify for the playoffs. Tony Romo is out for the rest of the season after reinjuring his collarbone on thanksgiving. With all that said, it’s time the team shut down Dez Bryant for the rest of the season.

It’s clear to the naked eye that Dez Bryant isn’t as healthy as the team is letting on. Sure, he may be healthy enough to play, but is it really worth the risk of reinjuring his foot by keeping him out there. Like I said, the season is all but over. Since returning a few weeks ago, Dez has been a shell of himself on the field. Physically he is just not the same player, which is completely understandable as he came back rather quickly from a broken foot.

If I were in charge of the Cowboys I would shut down Dez Bryant. Allow him to get healthy to return next season healthier and hungrier than ever before.


4. Chip Kelly Should Return For At Least One More Season As Head Coah Of The Philadelphia Eagles 

The Philadelphia Eagles have lost three consecutive games, have a record of 4-7, and are currently in third place in the NFC East, but nonetheless, Chip Kelly deserves at least one more season to turn things around.

This is his third season as head coach of the Eagles, but only the first as the sole man responsible for bringing in the player personnel. It’s going to take some time for Kelly to bring in the right players for his system. You cannot jump ship after one season. Again, I know he’s been there for three years now, but I think he needs more than a year as the sole leader of that organization before we deem him incapable of running an NFL franchise.

Let’s not forget, Kelly won 20 games in his first two seasons with Nick Foles at quarterback. The guy knows how to coach football. Give him one more season to bring in more of the guys that he wants and the results will follow.


5. The Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, and The Detroit Lions Are Three Teams Nobody Wants To See On Their Schedule

All three of these teams are as hot as Miami in the middle of July. Each team is playing phenomenal football right now.

After starting the season 1-5 the Chiefs have won five consecutive games and now find themselves sitting in the fifth seed in the AFC playoff picture. Quarterback Alex Smith hasn’t turned the ball over since week three of this season, and the team has yet to lose a fumble during their five game winning streak. The defense allowed the fewest amount of points on a per game basis in the month of November. This team is hot and dangerous.

Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson is coming off arguably his best game of his career. He threw for five touchdowns and zero interceptions, including a game sealing 80 yard touchdown to Doug Baldwin. Over the last month, the offense clicked on all cylinders. They averaged 28.25 points per game for the month, almost six points better than their season average of 22.8.

Like the Chiefs, the Lions had a disappointing start to the season. After a 1-7 start, the Lions have won three consecutive games and now sit at 4-7, just two games out of the final wild card spot in the NFC. A big reason why is the versatility on the offensive side of the football. Since promoting Jim Bob Cooter to offensive coordinator, the offensive play calling has been much more diverse. Prior to his hiring the Lions ran the fewest amount of run plays per game. Since then, the number of run plays per game increased, resulting in three Lions victories, including their first win in Green Bay since 1991 and a 45-14 blowout against the Eagles on Thanksgiving.



Sean Mason

Spark Sports NFL Analyst