1. The Pittsburgh Steelers Will Miss The Playoffs

The Steelers are one of the most talented teams in the NFL, but despite this they are going to miss the playoffs.

They flat out blew it yesterday. Going into their game they controlled their own destiny, but now, after blowing an easy win against a bad Baltimore Ravens’ team, they not only have to win next Sunday, but they also need the Jets to lose.

The Steelers were seen as one of the most dangerous teams in the AFC, but now they’ll be on the outside looking in.

Steelers’ fans everywhere will be questioning what if Ben Roethlisberger hadn’t gotten hurt? Would they have lost as many games? Who knows? Without Roethlisberger the Steelers were 3-1, so it’s not like they lost a majority of their games in his absence. The Steelers only have themselves to blame for what has happened. In my opinion, the Steelers hopes for the playoffs are gone. The Jets or the Broncos need to lose next week for the Steelers to qualify for the postseason. I do not think either team will lose next week.


2. Jordan Reed Is The NFL’s Second Best Tight End

Jordan Reed is an absolute stud. On Saturday, he finished with nine catches, 129 yards, and two touchdowns.

With Reed healthy, the Redskins offense is completely different than without him. They average more points, yards, and plays per game with Reed than without him. Kirk Cousins completes a higher percentage of passes with Reed, and his touchdown to interception ratio is positive with him on the field. Without Reed, Cousins’ touchdown to interception ratio is negative.

Reed has clearly established himself as the second best tight end, behind only Rob Gronkowski. Reed has a career high in catches (83), yards (907), and touchdowns (11).

Reed will be making his first career appearance in the playoffs this season, as the Redskins clinched the NFC East with their win on Saturday.


  1. The Jeremy Langford Era In Chicago Has Officially Begun

The writing has been on the wall all season long, Matt Forte’s time in Chicago is coming to end, but on Sunday, it finally became a reality. For the first time since coming back from a mid-season injury, Jeremy Langford not only received more rushing attempts than Forte, but he played more snaps. He was on the field more than Forte, and as crazy as it sounds, the offense looked better with Langford out there. They moved the ball better, averaged more yards per play, and looked like a more efficient offense.

With one game left to play, I think you’ll see more of what you saw this past Sunday, with Langford receiving the bulk of the carries and the carries that matter. With the Bears up by a score late in the fourth quarter, the Bears relied not on Forte, but on Langford. This speaks volume to how the Bears’ coaching staff views the two backs.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Matt Forte will be on a different team next season.



  1. The Jaguars Are Going To Be A Force To Reckon With Over The Next Few Years

Their record may be 5-10, but the Jaguars are an exciting young team to watch. They’re one of the youngest teams in the entire NFL and one of the most exciting. Their quarterback, Blake Bortles is only 23 years old. Their two star receivers, Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, are both under the age of 25. Their tight end, Julius Thomas, is a proven veteran.

The Jaguars’ offense is one of the most entertaining units to watch in all of football. They have taken many steps forward this season and I expect that to continue with the defense next season. They are going to be a sneaky team, contending for a playoff spot next season.


  1. It’s Time For Tom Coughlin To Retire

The Giants were embarrassed last night, losing 49-17 to the Minnesota Vikings. The Giants had nothing to play for, but that still does not justify their poor play nor does it justify their 6-9 record. A lot of the blame falls on Eli Manning, but I think the majority falls on their 69 year old head coach Tom Coughlin.

In seven of their nine losses the Giants held a lead in the final two minutes. In five of those losses, they held the lead with less than 75 seconds to go. Multiple late game gaffs, poor clock management, and costly turnovers have cost the Giants a chance at winning the NFC East. Right or wrong, these things fall on the shoulders of coach Coughlin.

The Giants are supposed to be a premier NFL franchise, but they couldn’t even win the pitiful NFC East. Coughlin is old and the Giants haven’t made the playoffs since their Super Bowl win four seasons ago. Sometimes a team needs a new voice in the locker room and I think that time is now for the Giants.


Sean Mason

Spark Sports NFL Analyst