1. The Broncos’ Starting Quarterback Job Belongs To Brock Osweiler

With Brock Osweiler under center, the entire Denver Broncos’ offense looked different. They had a certain smoothness that I have only seen one other time this season. They looked comfortable, and at times were able to move the ball down the field at will.

Now, I know they only scored 17 points, and outside of a few drives that I just detailed, the offense didn’t do much, but what stood out to me, was even on those drives that resulted in a punt or turnover on downs, the offense still looked dynamic. They still had that big play ability threat. Osweiler finished with 250 passing yards, two touchdowns, and completed 20 of his 27 passes.

Coming into the game we thought the offensive line was atrocious, but after watching this game, I’m convinced our opinion of the offensive line was manipulated because of the lack of mobility that Peyton Manning possessed. The offense ran a more traditional Gary Kubiak style of offense, which allowed the running game to get going.

The offense looked great under Osweiler and will only improve. In my opinion Osweiler is the guy who deserves to start the rest of the season regardless of Peyton Manning’s health.


  1. Jameis Winston Is My Offensive Rookie Of The Year Thus Far

After a rocky first few weeks, Jameis Winston has looked terrific of late. Over his last six games Winston has thrown for nine touchdowns and just two interceptions. He’s improved each and every week; showing calmness in the pocket that Buccaneers’ fans have not seen for quite some time.

On Sunday he threw for five touchdowns to five different receivers. Throughout the game Winston made throws that a rookie normally wouldn’t make. Specifically, on the final play of the first quarter Winston completed about a 15 yard pass to Mike Evans in which he fit the ball into a tight window that only a handful of other quarterbacks would have made. He looked like a veteran who has been in the league for years while making that throw.

He doesn’t have the eye-popping statistics, but Winston has been the leader of this bellow average Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ team. He’s led them to a 5-5 record putting them in prime position to compete for one of the NFC wild cards.



  1. Thomas Rawls Should Be The Seahawks‘ Starting Running Back Next Season

Going into yesterday game, Thomas Rawls shined in the limit touches he received. Well, after yesterday, I think it is safe to say Rawls is a future star. Rawls finished with 209 rushing yards, 46 receiving yards, and two total touchdowns. He averaged 6.9 yards per carry yesterday, which was a little bit more than his season average at the start of the game (about 5 yards per carry).

Just by watching Rawls on the field, you can tell he is something special. He runs with power, finesse, speed, and strength. He fights for the extra yards and never gives up on plays. He almost always gains positive yardage when he touches the ball. He reminds me a lot of a younger Marshawn Lynch (Not surprising considering Rawls is Lynch’s backup).

Rawls is just 22 years old and already showing he can be the bell cow back. Marshawn Lynch has been a shell of himself this season. I’m not saying they should bench Lynch for Rawls this season, but as we head toward next season, I do not think Lynch needs to be part of Seattle’s plan, in fact, I think they should let him go this off-season. Rawls is still under his rookie contract. By letting Lynch walk you would free up some much needed cap space.


  1. The Texans’ Defense Is Back

After a slow start to the season, the Texans elite defense is back. Since giving up 44 points to the Miami Dolphins in week eight, the Texans have given up a total of 33 points over a three game span. In that span the team is 3-0, lead the NFL in quarterback hits, and have pushed themselves back into playoff contention. They are currently tied atop the AFC South with the Colts.


5. Despite Back-To-Back Losses, The Bengals Are Still A Legitimate Super Bowl Contender

After losing their first game last Monday night, many saw the Bengals as a fraud. A team who still can’t win the big game, who fails to deliver on the biggest stage, but after Sunday night, I think we can all agree on this: The Bengals are an extremely dangerous team.

They may have lost, but like I predicted the Bengals competed and were in the game to the very end. They were right there till the end with the second best team in the NFL. Andy Dalton looked terrific, throwing for 315 yards and two touchdowns. His deep ball accuracy returned to form. He averaged 8.08 yards per attempt. The game came down to a questionable call, but still, the Bengals are a serious threat.



Sean Mason

Sprak Sports NFL Analyst