In a very impressive performance in the College Football Playoff Championship, DeShaun Watson proved to the country how impactful a quarterback he is. He led Clemson to a very impressive win over an Alabama defense that could have been the best we’ve seen in years. With his leadership, patience, and determination, Watson has emerged as one of the best players in the country. With that in mind, is he worth a #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft?

The Cleveland Browns. One of the most disappointing teams in history, they need answers. With not many leaders on the team, as well as their lack of talent, the Browns have struggled to create a competitive team for years, and the future doesn’t look bright. That is why it is so important for this team to make the right decision with their first overall pick in the upcoming draft. Two of the options include DeShaun Watson and Myles Garrett.

A majority of Browns fans are more interested in a quarterback, and for good reason. With plenty of failed draft picks and free agent signings in the past, the Browns really do need a quarterback. That would be where Watson would come in. The Browns need leadership badly, and having a leader like Watson would help improve the locker room immediately. Adapting to the speed of the NFL may be an adjustment for Watson much like other rookies, but his ability to rush the ball as well as throw the ball accurately down the field would help the Browns instantly. With Watson’s strong arm, he would be able to get the ball into very tight windows while making few mistakes. With all of that said, drafting him first overall would not be one of the smartest ideas.

Garrett, an edge rusher at Texas A& M, has shown how dominant he can be. With ideal size and plenty of explosiveness, Garrett would bring a lot of energy to the Browns on defense. The need for talent on the defensive side of the ball is apparent for the Browns, which is why drafting Garrett is the ideal pick. His impact on the game would be huge, as he has the potential to be a game-changing defensive end in the NFL. The Browns need a game changer to turn their franchise around, so drafting Garrett first overall would give the Browns the talent they desperately need.

Passing up on Myles Garrett would be a huge mistake based off of his high ceiling and his ability to make a consistent impact on the field. Luckily for the Browns, they will have the 11th overall pick as well after making a trade with the Los Angeles Rams the previous season, which would allow the Browns to have another chance at grabbing Watson to shore up their issue with the quarterback position. The future of the Browns may ultimately involve Watson, but the first overall pick may not be in Watson’s future.