Lately, the Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom defense has lost their edge. The Internet has killed this team with the Memes and punchlines. I read on Twitter someone said LOD stands for “Lost Our Defense”. In this case, I can agree. Seattle got off to a sluggish start when Defensive Captain and Powerhouse Safety Kam Chancellor held out for the first two games because he wanted more money.

Without Chancellor, the Seahawks went 0-2. Now, they are 2-4. Russell Wilson has been taking a beating as he leads the way in most times Sacked. The team that was a few feet away from clinching their second straight Super Bowl is now losing their grip on this Season. They are falling further away from being the juggernaut that they have recently become under Coach Pete Carroll’s regime.

A team that was full of confidence and swagger is not in disarray.

The highlights this season for Seattle were the 26-0 blowout of the Chicago Bears and their Monday Night win over Detroit when Chancellor helped to save the game by punching the ball out of Megatron’s hands in the End Zone. After their two-game win streak, the Seahawks blew a 17-point lead over the Cincinnati Bengals as they lost in OT 27-24. Then, they lose at home to the Carolina Panthers.

The Seahawks have fallen to third place in their Division. They are currently ranked 17th in Points (22.3), 15th in Total Yards (352.3), and 27th in Passing Yards (214.5). On the bright side, Seattle is ranked 2nd in Rushing Yards (137.8). However, Marshawn Lynch is struggling with injuries as he is only ranked 42nd in Rushing Yards (182).

Russell Wilson ranks 15th in Passing (124/180, 1,433 yards, 7 TD’s, 3 INT’s, QB Rating 98.7). Yet, he continues to take punishment because of his lack of protection at the line. Somewhere, Future must be laughing about this.

As I have said before, Seattle’s common place for problems is at Defense. Most of their injury problems have taken place with their defense. This team has even fallen to 12th place in the ESPN Power Rankings.

The meltdown has been felt all across the board for this team.

I am hoping that they pull things together and become a stronger team as the season continues.

Vaughn Resper Jr.

Spark Sports Analyst