The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have needs to fill. Filling their second WR spot should be their top priority. In this upcoming NFL Draft, there are many talented WR’s, but for the Bucs, who have the 19th pick in the first round, Washington’s John Ross is the answer.

The Bucs are on the brink of becoming an NFL playoff team. A very good secondary WR to go along with star WR Mike Evans will absolutely make them a playoff contender, and even more, a playoff threat. 

John Ross has already mastered working quick routes from the slot with the explosive  speed to make plays off a simple slant. He is also a deadly WR from the seam, being able to zoom by his defenders with his quick feet.

He is best against overly aggressive man coverage, having the vision to see open spots in the zone, and make spectacular plays after the catch. Ross also has the ability to exploit physical mismatches. He is a huge redzone threat with a great fade route. He is also one of the best at the screen pass, making it super hard for defenders to get him down because of his quick and nifty feet. Ross is not only a great WR, but he is a solid kick returner as well, averaging 24.2 yards per return in 2016, to go with a TD.

Without Ross, defenses only have to worry about star Mike Evans. With the addition of Ross at the WR position, the Bucs will drive defenses crazy trying to stop possibly the most electrifying duo of the NFL. The addition of Ross will also make it easier for Mike Evans to make more plays. Once they reach the redzone, it will almost seem impossible to stop the Bucs, having two dynamic redzone threats.

Jameis Winston will no longer have to force the ball to Evans, who led the league in targets per game in the 2016 season with 10.81. Only 6 of those targets per game were completions. With the addition of John Ross, the Bucs will be on the field much more than they were last year, converting more third downs, increasing the amount of receptions for Mike Evans, and the amount of points they score per game.