Today is the day, today is the day. Super Bowl LII. 5:30pm on NBC.

Now before kickoff, I’d like to point out a few wacky things to look out for. These will surely tell us how the game is going without even knowing the score.

  1. A Bill Belichick smile.

Boy oh boy, Bill Belichick is back. Now if you see him on the sidelines… he usually has a stoic look. No expression whatsoever. Tom Brady could just walked down the field and won the Super Bowl, and we might just see him crack a smile.

2. A Sad Vikings fan. 

We all know what happened to the Vikings. 38-7. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to show remorse for the Vikings fans who already bought tickets, thinking their team was going to the ‘ship.

So if you see a sad Vikings fan, send them warm thoughts, and if the Eagles are winning… that just makes it even harder.

3. A Piss Drunk Eagles fan.

Alright. After the NFC Championship game, we all know how the city of Philly reacted. Cars tipped over, people climbing poles, all the typical riot stuff. Now if they would have lost, the outcome probably would’ve been the same, but with more violence.

So if you see a piss drunk eagles fan, first of all, move. MOVE FAST. Also, that’s probably a sign Brady is tearing up their defense.

4. Tom hanging out with his BFF’s.

If I had a dollar for every Tom Brady meme that involved the referee’s, I’d have enough money for a ticket to the Super Bowl. This one is just plain and simple, if you see Tom out their on the field, talking to the refs, smiling around the refs… its over.

The game is over.