Though Fridays in the NFL are notorious to be known as “dump days” for news, the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams decided to play no part. Former first-round pick, Marcus Peters, will return home to suit up for the Los Angeles Rams, as reported by NFL Analyst Ian Rapoport:

As most assume, the picks will involve LA’s first-round pick, and then some. Just incase you forgot, Peters, 25, is coming off a 2017 campaign in which he had 5 interceptions, 9 pass deflections, 42 tackles, and 3 forced fumbles. The Rams are receiving one of the best defensive playmakers in the league.

“S&%! Where We Going, Home?”

Given Andy Reid’s history dealing with the cornerback position, does this really shock anyone at all? A blockbuster trade that awaits on what the Chiefs specifically get in return, Peters tried to warn everyone at the end of the Chiefs season: