1. Cleveland Browns – Josh Allen (QB/USC)

New year, same story for the Browns. They will try once again to draft a QB, and then pray he is their savior. This year the lucky candidate gets to be Josh Allen, a raw talent with a HUGE arm. He didn’t face too stellar of competition, but if they actually develop him instead of throwing him in the games right away, he could be the lucky one.

2. New York Giants – Josh Rosen (QB/UCLA)

Eli Manning is getting old, and with a new coaching staff there is no better time to bring in a new face. I feel Josh Rosen will be the face of the franchise for years to come, and can lead the Giants to NFC East titles someday.

3. Indianapolis Colts – Bradley Chubb (DE/NC State)

With Andrew Luck back healthy, the focus turns to the defense of Indianapolis. Bradley Chubb is a straight up beast, best player on the defensive side of things this draft. It only make sense that he’s the first defensive player to go in this years draft.

4. Cleveland Browns – Saquon Barkley (RB/Penn State)

The Browns are back! Two top 5 picks, there’s no way they can screw up both of them right??? But seriously, the Browns defense isn’t all that bad, so they should find there RB for years to come, and the only one available is Barkley. An Allen/Barkley duo in the backfield… that sounds pretty good to me.

5. Denver Broncos – Baker Mayfield  (QB/Oklahoma)

The Broncos need a QB… badly. Like… really badly. If they can’t land Kirk, they got to get one in the draft. It comes down to Darnold or Mayfield. I’m going with Mayfield because of his mobility, and pure athleticism. He fits into the Broncos scheme and it’s a great storyline if he gets to play for his hometown team.

6. New York Jets – Minkah Fitzpatrick  (FS/Alabama)

The Jets, who don’t have an awful defense will most likely add to it. Fitzpatrick is a big hitting FS from Bama, coached by the great Nick Saban. Look for him to make an impact right away, and possibly knock down Brady a bunch right away.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Denzel Ward (CB/OSU)

The Buccaneers are in full rebuild mode in my opinion. They have their franchise QB, now they just need to build around that.. and we all know defense wins championships (unless you’re the Eagles). Denzel Ward is the bests corner available, so look for the Bucs to snatch him up before anyone else does.

8. Chicago Bears – Calvin Ridley Jr.  (WR/OSU)

The Bears need to load up Trubisky with weapons. The best way to do that? Draft Calvin Ridley. With Trubisky, Ridley and Jordan Howard… thats a big three that no NFC defense will want to face.

9. San Francisco 49ers – Derwin James.  (SS/FSU)

The 49ers are set on offense with Garrapolo and Hyde. So all eyes are on what they do with the defense this offseason. James would be a huge addition to a mediocre defense, possibly making them better than mediocre? We will have to wait and see.

10. Oakland Raiders – Roquan Smith  (ILB/Georgia)

The Raiders, much like the 49ers are set on offense with Carr, Crabtree and Cooper. All eyes are on the defense. Imagine Khalil Mack on one side, and Roquan Smith on the other… AKA nightmares for O-Lines in the AFC West.