Hey NFL, what the heck is going on?

The league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, accused the New England Patriots and QB Tom Brady of deflating footballs to create a competitive advantage way back before the last Super Bowl, which the Patriots won.  There was an investigation, and a 4 game suspension.  On Thursday, a Federal Judge (Federal!) threw the suspension out and in the end, nothing really happened.

The fact that Goodell and the NFL will appeal the ruling is ridiculous. Do as your players do, and accept the loss. Time has run out,  and Tom Brady is going to play.

Did the owners really want to nail Tom Brady and the Patriots to a wall for their past and alleged recent cheating? If so, they failed.  They should sack Goodell and get another guy.  A lawyer maybe, rather then an NFL office lifer.

If the owners and tha Commish are truly concerned about the ‘integrity of the game’ , the would have done something more to the Vikings and Panthers when they were doctoring the football.  Instead, they were warned during the contest and that was that.

Why let teams have their own footballs at all? A football tradition that starts in Pop Warner and is carried on through High School and College should have it’s rightful end in the NFL.  One set of footballs, no problems what-so-ever. Every other sport does this. Instead, there is a new set of complicated rules to monitor each teams footballs and their PSI in particular.

But instead we get Deflategate.  NFL, if you are going to have a weird agenda, at least do it right.

Goodell looks bad here, and it’s because he is a bad commissioner.  The NFLPA has given him too much power, but he still doesn’t really know how to use it. He whiffs to big to often lately, especially when you consider the way he handled the Ray Rice situation.  Even though the NFL is a money machine with Goodell at the helm, the NFL owners need to realize that they can do better.

Luke Straub

Spark Sports NFL Analyst