The following are this week’s power rankings. In parenthesis you will find last week’s rankings. Enjoy!

  1. New England Patriots (2): 3-0

Nine possessions, nine successful scoring trips on Sunday. The Patriots are an unstoppable force on offense. They are on pace for a historical season.

The team has so many ways to beat you. A week after receiving one carry, LeGarrette Blount scored three rushing touchdowns. They throw multiple looks at opponents every week. They are an impossible team to match up against.

Their defense has played terrific. I’ve been very impressed with the play of Malcolm Butler, who went from number four cornerback, to Super Bowl hero, to now the number one cornerback. He has been terrific matched up against opposing teams’ premier receivers.


  1. Green Bay Packers (1): 3-0

When I think about the Packers, I think about continuity. In an era of free agency, the Packers continue to dominate with homegrown talent; and lets not forget they have the best quarterback in the NFL with Aaron Rodgers. The last time he threw an interception at home, 2012.


  1. Arizona Cardinals (5): 3-0

Head coach Bruce Arians is the most underrated coach in the NFL. He is an offensive guru. It’s 2015 not 2011 and Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, and Chris Johnson are impact players. Palmer is 16-2 in his last 18 starts. The defense is a bend but don’t break type of defense. Barring an injury to Palmer, the Cardinals are a serious Super Bowl contender.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (4): 1-2

After an 0-2 start, Seattle got their all-pro safety back in Kam Chanchellor and his impact was immediately felt on Sunday. I know they were playing the Bears, but still, they held an NFL team to 0 points. Shutouts are rare in the NFL, and Seattle did just that on Sunday.

Amid rumors that he was upset with his role, Jimmy Graham had his best game since 2013 on Sunday. The offense looked much more comfortable than they had all season, specifically the offensive line. Rookie running back Thomas Rawls ran for over 100 yards, the first Seahawks’ running back to do so this season.



  1. Cincinnati Bengals (7): 3-0

Eight touchdowns and just one interception for Andy Dalton through the first three games. This Andy Dalton looks much different than the one we have been accustomed to seeing. He looks comfortable in the pocket, he’s making smart decisions with the football, and he is spreading the ball around. The Bengals are by far the second best team in the AFC. With arguably one of the best receivers in the NFL (A.J Green) and a great tight end in Tyler Eifert, the Bengals passing game is a nightmare matchup for opposing defenses. They’ve played great on offense despite the fact that superstar running back Jeremy Hill has done almost nothing in two of their three games. The Bengals are for real!


  1. Denver Broncos (6): 3-0


The Broncos have the best defense in the entire NFL. They have difference makers at every position. DeMarcus Ware, Von Miller, Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, T.J Ward, and Shane Ray. On Sunday, this defense forced three turnovers, none of which came from one of their starters. That is just a testament to how deep their defense is.

Not to mention they have this guy named Peyton Manning at quarterback, who has looked more comfortable in each game this season. I believe if Manning can stay healthy (which is a big if) the Broncos will be right there competing for the AFC title in January.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (3): 2-1

No Big Ben? No Problem? Not quite.

Yes, they are without Ben Roethlisberger for four to six weeks. Yes, they are entering arguably their toughest stretch of their schedule. But, with playmakers like Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Martavis Bryant (Returning from suspension next week) the Steelers have enough playmakers to potentially be okay. If they can win two of their next four (Something I think they can do), the Steelers will be okay.

  1. Atlanta Falcons (NR): 3-0

Julio Jones has been an absolute beast through three weeks. He has 34 receptions, four touchdowns, and 440 yards.

Matt Ryan has been terrific, throwing five touchdowns to just two interceptions.

But what really has stood out to me is the resilience with which this team has played. In all three of their wins, they’ve come back from a fourth quarter deficit. This team doesn’t give up. They play right till the end.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (10): 1-2

More than 100 yards rushing in a game for the Eagles? Did I read that correctly?

Yes the Eagles’ offense finally looked somewhat like something we expected. They didn’t play like we thought they did, but they showed signs of what we thought we were getting.

Their offensive line played much better, against a good Jets’ defense. Even without DeMarco Murray, the team managed to rush for over 100 yards.

I said there wasn’t a need to panic after a terrible 0-2 start, and the Eagles showed us on Sunday just why so many of us had them winning the NFC.


  1. Indianapolis Colts (9): 1-2

Just like the Eagles, there is no need to panic if you’re a Colts’ fan. Yes, they’ve looked awful, but when the game was on the line, what happened? Andrew Luck came through with two late drives to deliver a win. They are going to be fine. The offense will get it together, and Luck will show everyone why he is one of the best at his position.



  1. Buffalo Bills: 2-1
  2. New York Giants: 1-2
  3. Dallas Cowboys: 2-1
  4. Kansas City Chiefs: 1-2
  5. New York Jets: 2-1
  6. Minnesota Vikings: 2-1
  7. Carolina Panthers: 3-0
  8. Baltimore Ravens: 0-3
  9. Tennessee Titans: 1-2
  10. San Diego Chargers: 1-2
  11. Oakland Raiders: 2-1
  12. Houston Texans: 1-2
  13. St. Louis Rams: 1-2
  14. Miami Dolphins: 1-2
  15. Detroit Lions: 0-3
  16. Cleveland Browns: 1-2
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-2
  18. New Orleans Saints: 1-2
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-2
  20. San Francisco 49ers: 0-3
  21. Chicago Bears: 0-3
  22. Washington Redskins: 1-2

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Sean Mason

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