First Down-

New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts: Sunday Night Football

Kick Off: 8:25 P.M EST

The second the NFL schedule was released; I circled this game on my schedule. The narrative of this game fascinates me. The Patriots have dominated the Colts since the start of the Andrew Luck era; beating them by an average of 47 points per game. We all know what happened last January, the Colts were manhandled in the AFC Championship game, and then leaked a bogus story to Bob Kravitz, which led to the seven months of what we know as DeflateGate.

It would not shock me if the Patriots scored 60 points in this game. They are in total F-U mode this season, and now they have a shot against the team that started this fake controversy. It’s a prime time game, in Indianapolis; there isn’t a doubt in my mind that the Patriots will look to run up the score. Their foot will be on the gas pedal all game long, and I cannot wait to watch.

Prediction: Patriots- 59

Colts- 27



Second Down-

Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills: Sunday Afternoon

Kick Off: 1 P.M EST


This game isn’t quite as spectacular a matchup as Patriots VS. Colts, but the narrative of this game intrigues me quite a bit. The 5-0 Bengals have looked outstanding thus far. Last week they overcame a 24-7 fourth quarter deficit against the two time defending NFC champion Seahawks, who have been labeled as having a historic defense. The Bengals were the first team since 2011 to win a game in which they were trailing by 17 in the fourth quarter.

With all that said, people are still waiting for that “dud” game from Andy Dalton. We have seen Dalton and the Bengals play terrific for stretches in previous seasons, but usually those stretches come to an end, with an abysmal performance from Andy Dalton. Coming off of a big win against the Seahawks, this game in Buffalo could very well be the game that the Bengals lay an egg.

Of course, I don’t think this will happen, as I have made it clear that I am all in on this Bengals team. Through five games they have shown me that they are a much different team than any previous Bengals team that head coach Marvin Lewis has had.

I’m excited to see the Bills go up against one of the best offenses in the league. The one time this season they faced a team that could legitimately make some noise in the playoffs, they let up 40 points.



Prediction: Bengals- 27

Bills- 10



Third Down- Upset Of The Week

Denver Broncos @ Cleavlend Browns: Sunday Afternoon

Kick Off: 1 P.M EST

Despite being 5-0, has there been a more underwhelming offense considering their expectations as the Broncos have been? The answer is no. For the first time in Peyton Manning’s career, he has more interceptions (7) than touchdowns (6) through the first five games of a season. The team has averaged 22.6 points per game, good for 17th in the NFL, but what that number doesn’t tell you is that of those the Broncos defense has scored more touchdowns in the fourth quarter than their own offense. If it weren’t for their defense, the Broncos could very easily be 1-4 or 0-5.

This week, the defense will be without DeMarcus Ware and their number one cornerback, Aqib Talib is questionable. With the defense banged up, an underwhelming offense, and a road game against a hungry Cleveland team, I smell an upset.

Over the past two weeks, no quarterback has thrown for more yards than Josh McCown. I expect the Browns to keep attacking through the air. With an underrated offensive line; McCown will have time to throw the ball.


Prediction: Browns- 24

Broncos- 22



Fourth Down- The Rest Of The Games


Sunday: 1 P.M EST

  1. Minnesota Vikings over the Kansas City Chiefs
  2. New York Jets over the Washington Redskins
  3. Arizona Cardinals over the Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Chicago Bears over the Detroit Lions
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars over the Houston Texans
  6. Miami Dolphins over the Tennessee Titans


4:05 P.M EST

  1. Seattle Seahawks over the Carolina Panthers


4:25 P.M EST

  1. Green Bay Packers over the San Diego Chargers
  2. San Francisco 49ers over the Baltimore Ravens


MNF: 8:25 P.M EST

  1. Philadelphia Eagles over the New York Giants


Sean Mason

Spark Sports NFL Analyst