The Patriots are back, back again. Tell a friend.

The thing is, if you do… nobody will be shocked. Nobody would blink twice. If you tell someone the Patriots are competing for yet another Super Bowl, nobody would give it a second thought.

Brady & Belichick, the dynamic duo will be appearing in their 8th super bowl on February 4th, 5:30pm against the high flying Eagles who took down everyone in their path. Their last victim being the Minnesota Vikings, who they just barely edged out in a tough match (I hope you get the sarcasm).

The Patriots continue to formulate 10+ win seasons every season. They continue to make the AFC Championship, and continue to make Super Bowl appearance after Super Bowl appearance. The question is, does this “dynasty”, this continued excellence that is the Patriots organization, ruin the NFL?

Sure, the Super Bowl gains more and more popularity every year, but it isn’t because the same team is there every year. It’s because the common football fan loves the atmosphere of the game. The commercials are getting funnier and the half-time performance is also a big factor into bringing in more eyes to the TV set on game day.

Now to me, a diehard football fan. I certainly don’t enjoy watching the same team in it over and over. Especially when they win it over and over. The idea of a dynasty is cool and all, but its not fun for the other 31 fan bases who would give anything to see their team play for the Lombardi trophy. If it wasn’t part of my job to analyze and pick apart the Super Bowl, you better believe I would not be watching. It won’t be fun to watch. As much as teams think they can bring down Brady, they can’t.

My friends who love football? They aren’t watching. My mom, who has watched every super bowl since 1990, she has given up, she’s not watching. I’m curious to see how many of you will actually be watching the game, for the game.

The NFL is losing it’s diehard fanbase, for a fanbase that only tunes in when the big game is on. The NFL isn’t noticing this, however, because of the high ratings the postseason gets as well as the Super Bowl.

How could the NFL go about fixing this? They can’t. Not until Brady hangs up the cleats, or until Belichick retires. Odds are these two will happen simultaneously, and not for awhile. Until these two call it quits, you can expect more 10+ win seasons, more AFC Championships, Super Bowl appearances and Super Bowl victories.

So as the Patriots continue their success, and the NFL continues to hand over trophies to them, really think if this is what is best for the National Football League, and their millions of fans.