A day after the underdog Eagles stole the Super Bowl away from New England, Patriots star TE Rob Gronkowski was also dealing with people stealing from his home.

On Monday night, Foxborough police department was called to Gronkowski’s home for a possible break-in. Somebody was trying to cash in while Gronk was in Minnesota.

Fox-25 had the video of police at the house and Gronk peeking out. Him peaking out is possibly the best part of this video.

This has not been the best couple weeks for Gronkowski. First the concussion. Then losing the Super Bowl. Then hinting at a possible retirement from the league? Now this? Big boy definitely needs a vacation after this one.

The police reportedly searched the house for several hours.

Boston 25 news was able to obtain an audio recording from a police officer. “…speak with the homeowner there who reports while he was on his trip his house was broken into,” the officer said. “Multiple safes … possible guns.”

Preparing for the Super Bowl the entire weekend, the Patriots were out of town since Friday. This will be updated as more information is found but until then, Gronk needs a breather. This won’t be the last of the news for Gronk this offseason. Definitely expect to hear something related to his retirement…