We are now finished with the second quarter of the NFL Season (8 games). This is better known as the first half of the Season. Now, it is time to look at the players who have produced the best season within this timespan.

Tom Brady:

Completions: 225

Attempts: 328

Percentage: 68.6%

Passing Yards: 2,709

Touchdowns: 22

Interceptions: 2

QB Rating: 113.5

Tom Brady continues his rampage in the NFL  as he currently ranks first in QB Rating at 113.5, while ranking fourth in completions (225), third in passing yards (2,709), and first in touchdowns (22). Through this first half, Brady has only thrown two interceptions. This run is remarkable as Tom continues to make both the Defense and Roger Goodell pay. Brady is on a mission to terminate his opponents pass by pass as he leads the Patriots to an 8-0 start. In 16 Seasons, Brady is hardly slowing down at all. Tom already has two MVP’s to his Resume, and he would have no problem adding a third.

Aaron Rodgers:

Completions: 163

Attempts: 252

Percentage: 64.7%

Passing Yards: 1,937

Touchdowns: 19

Interceptions: 3

QB Rating: 108.2

Aaron Rodgers continues to play at MVP form as the Green Bay Packers still reign over the NFC North. He is still producing at top form but has had a bit of a fall off in the past two games with losses against the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The way that the Broncos dominated the Packers gave a slight blow to Aaron’s stock as MVP. At 6-2, Green Bay is still very lethal.


Andy Dalton:

Completions: 174

Attempts: 258

Percentage: 67.4%

Passing Yards: 2,226

Touchdowns: 18

Interceptions: 4

QB Rating: 111.0

“The Red Rifle” Andy Dalton continues to fire away leading Cincinnati to a perfect 8-0 record, making them one of the small handful of undefeated teams that still exist. Andy continues to float around the MVP conversation which helps his stock grow exponentially. In the midst of his peers like Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and others, Dalton shines the brightest.



Cam Newton:

Completions: 132

Attempts: 246

Percentage: 53.7%

Passing Yards: 1,820

Touchdowns: 14

Interceptions: 9

QB Rating: 81.4

With the way that Carolina is taking a hold of their division, Cam Newton shares a great deal of the responsibility for their success. Cam has emerged as an MVP Candidate compared to where he was at the start of the season. Newton is playing the finest football of his career at this point as he is silencing his critics with great field generalship. Cam may not have the most aesthetically pleasing numbers compared to his contemporaries, but he gets the job done. Newton has improved his football IQ and instincts as a QB.

My 2nd Quarter MVP goes to:

Tom Brady:

The race is still ultimately between him and Aaron Rodgers, but Brady has pulled ahead by keeping his team undefeated.