The moment we have all been waiting for, Super Bowl Sunday. Patriots, Eagles, live from Minneapolis (sorry Vikings fans).

5:30pm CST. NBC.

Where will you be? Who do you think will win? Don’t forget to comment your score predictions below…

I’m no expert, but after doing my research, it’s clear who I’ll be picking to win. One team is significantly better than the other, but anything can happen.


In all reality, it boils down to experience. TB12 and Belichick practically live for moments like this. While others (Eagles, along with the rest of the NFL) dream and hope to get one shot at it. However, the Patriots know how to win. They know the atmosphere, and they seem to have luck on their side when it comes to games like this.

The Patriots offense is better, their coaching is better. Both teams are about the same on defense. The Pats have more experience, and just beat a Jaguars team who arguably have the best defense in the league, WITHOUT a healthy Gronk.

Shoutout to the Eagles, anybody could have came out of the NFC this year, and nobody was expecting them. Nick Foles had one heck of a run, and it will be interesting to see where he ends because of his stellar play.

As much as it pains me to say this, the Patriots will win the Super Bowl. The offense is just too dynamic, with James White and Dion Lewis catching balls out of the back field, and combined with a healthy Gronk…

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Don’t get it mixed up. The game will be competitive throughout. Both teams will be leaving it all on the table. But, 27-20 Patriots. Brady will bring out his magic in the 4th quarter and win the game, like he has so many times before.