Recently, Tom Brady was acquitted of charges related to his involvement in the “Deflategate” scandal. Originally, Tom was suspended for the first four games of the NFL Season because he had knowledge of the Patriots deflating footballs to gain an edge on their opponents.

The allegations surfaced after it was discovered that the Patriots deflated 11 out of 12 footballs during their 45-7 demolition of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game.

Tom was heavily scrutinized by reporters, players, and former players for supposedly “not knowing” about the footballs being deflated. The Patriots already have a black eye on their legacy for the “Spygate” controversy.

Now, they have another controversy tied to their name with the deflated footballs. From that point moving forward, New England became the center of many jokes about things being deflated.

Brady’s legacy has been criticized by many people because of these issues. Tom managed to dodge a bullet with “Spygate”. This time, he has dodged a silver bullet that you could say was more severe than “Spygate”.

A few weeks ago, a sketch artist drew a court sketch of Tom Brady that went viral across Social Media. During that first court meeting, he once again became the brunt of many jokes.

However, Tom’s fortunes have changed after Commissioner Roger Goodell lifted his Suspension after a Judge ruled in his favor. The Judge said that Goodell was too harsh in his punishment of the Super Bowl Champion QB.

I guess the Judge must be a fan of his, but that’s none of my business. Brady would have been suspended for being a “cheater”. Now that his suspension has been dropped, this adds to the mystique of “Teflon Tom”. Brady has officially been acquitted of cheating.

The biggest concern involving Brady not being penalized is the fact that it could encourage others to cheat. This could teach kids in school that it is fine to willingly cheat because you could be excused for it. They could think “If Tom Brady got away with cheating, so can I”.

The NFL has been plagued with a legion of scandals. From Ray Rice to Adrian Peterson, the Shield has been hit many times. However, Tom Brady is able to skate away from trouble. I guess Brady the money making machine is above being sidelined for the first quarter of the Season.

After all, Brady is considered “America’s Quarterback” since he plays for a team called the Patriots.

Commissioner Goodell did his best to serve justice without any form of favoritism. You might as well call Tom Brady the Al Capone of the NFL because he is truly “Untouchable”.

Tom Brady is without question a future First-Ballot Hall of Famer. He has accomplished enough to reach Legend Status in his Sport. However, the perception of his legacy has been skewed.

This just goes to show that certain players have been put on a pedestal to be above reproach. It looks like Brady is one of them.


Vaughn Resper Jr.

Spark Sports NFL Analyst