We all expect for the Cowboys to move or even release their now backup QB Tony Romo. There are some teams who need quarterbacks, and some who are set (Green Bay, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, so on so forth). Dak Prescott has fully taken over the role as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, at least, we think. According to Skip Bayless, for some odd reason, he thinks that the week 1 starter in 2017 for the Cowboys will in fact be Romo. Here are 3 teams where Tony Romo could end up….

1. Houston Texans: This fit would make sense for a few reasons. They have a scenario in which they have a very strong, fairly young defense, but their QB situation is iffy to say the least. They have both Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage right now, yet these two didn’t play particularly well during the time they played with the Texans this season. The one thing that could be holding this move up is the money that the Texans gave to Osweiler last offseason. If they were to add Romo to the mix, you may just let Osweiler go, whether you can somehow find a way to trade him (will not happen, unless the GM of the team who would acquire him is crazy) or just release him.

2. New York Jets: This would be a short-term move if the Jets were to do it. They have an interesting QB situation, with Fitzpatrick most likely out the door for next season, leaving them to choose between Bryce Petty, Geno Smith, and one of their 2016 draft picks Christian Hackenberg. So if this were to happen, then Romo probably wouldn’t be there very long.

3. Arizona Cardinals: This would be absolutely crazy talk if we turned the clock back one year, because Carson Palmer was fantastic in 2015. But the Cards really struggled in 2016, Palmer is 37 years old now and has had quite the history with injuries. Even though both Romo and Palmer have had years of injuries, but it seems like Romo is a better fit with AZ than Palmer. This move could make more sense than you think.

Others: Chicago Bears (Bye Cutler!), Kansas City Chiefs (Huh?), and Miami Dolphins (Ehh).