The NFC East has for years been known as possibly the toughest division in all of Pro Football. The race for first has been tighter in this Division than any other for much of NFL History. Even when the Cowboys enjoyed their glory days, they still had tough games against division rivals like the Redskins, Eagles, and Giants. There were games here and there that were blowouts, but for the most part, they were highly competitive.

Washington Redskins:
These days, that narrative has changed. Lately, each of these teams has a blemish that is so large that no one can have complete bragging rights. The Redskins have been going through a Roller Coaster with QB Robert Griffin III.

From the Offensive Line to his own ego, the Skins have been going through torture. Now, Griffin has become RG 3rd String as Kirk Cousins has been named the Starter. The Skins got off to a rough start because of the O-Line. That shows that Griffin was not the only issue. The line along with the Defense have been the obvious holes in that system.

Washington recently defeated the St. Louis Rams, moving them to 1-1.

New York Giants:
The New York Giants have gone 0-2. The Season started with a heartbreaking loss to the Dallas Cowboys after collapsing in the second half. What made it even worse was that the Cowboys were out of timeouts. The Giants gave them extra time on the clock to mount the comeback.

The following week, the Giants fall to the Falcons with the lethal WR Combination of Julio Jones and Roddy White.

Philadelphia Eagles:
The Philadelphia Eagles lost a very close game to the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football at the Georgia Dome. Sam Bradford created a comeback for the Eagles, but it was not enough. His flaws in the Spread Offense have been exposed like RG 3rd String. To make matters worse, the Eagles get crushed by a shorthanded Cowboys team.

Dallas Cowboys:
This leads me to the team that is falling apart piece by piece, even though they are the Division Leaders: The Dallas Cowboys.

The Armor started to take hits in Week 1 with the loss of Dez Bryant with an ankle injury. Dez left the game and had surgery afterward. The time for his recovery went from 4-6 weeks to what is now 10-12 weeks. With the loss of Greg Hardy, Randy Gregory and others, the warning light continues to flash in Dallas. However, Dallas managed to fight through the loss by defeating the Giants in the Season Opener at Home.

In Week 2, things go from bad to even worse when Tony Romo suffers a broken clavicle. Backup QB Brandon Weeden stepped in as a Game Manager. Our Defense and Running Game carried the weight for that game, and it seems that they need to continue doing that moving forward.

Even though Dallas is 2-0, they are a wounded 2-0. This shows that everyone in this Division is broken.

Vaughn Resper Jr

Spark Sports NFL Analyst

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