Titans Wide Receiver Justin Hunter was arrested Monday on an assault charge on Monday. He is currently being kept in jail in Virginia Beach without bond.

Day after day, theres something new in sports. Don’t you love it? We hope its not something we don’t like, but sometimes we just have to deal with those dislikes.

Justin Hunter just had himself a crazy Fourth of July weekend and now is dealing with the consequences. Hope he enjoyed himself.

On Monday afternoon, Hunter was booked into the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office, his hometown jail. Hunter charge was listed as malicious intent, stabbing, cutting, and wounding. The Virginia Beach Police Department and sheriff’s office spokesman did not return messages by The Associated Press.

This all began on July 3rd, where Officer James Cason had explained to The Virginian-Pilot that the police had to break up a huge brawl at the Sandbar Raw Bar, where one person was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. Sandbar Raw Bar is an oceanfront tourist area where Hunter was staying at the moment.

The NFL and the Tennessee Titans will continue to find more information about the topic to finalize their decision on Hunter.

”We are aware of the situation and are continuing to gather more facts,” the Titans stated.

Hunter, a 2013 second-round pick, played 12 games last season (eight starts) and totaled 28 receptions for 498 yards and three touchdowns. (

Tennessee was able to receive Hunter after trading up six spots in the draft in order to get him from the University of Tennessee in 2013, being the 34th pick overall. In Hunter’s rookie season, he played in 14 games, and caught 18 passes for 354 yards and four touchdowns.

So bottom line is that he is arrested for assault. Is this becoming a trend in the sports? Every week a new article about new chaos being created.

However, we can’t be angry. These young men put all their time in sports and things “just happen”. Whether its being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or initiating unnecessary conflict, it happens. Its up to the athlete to go through the benefits before committing an action that may not really be beneficial and helpful for them and their career. You have everything going for you, why mess it up with one action?

Hunter will be handled with in the near future and I am sure to see increased strictness on professional sports as the years go by. With Titans WR Justin Hunter being arrested for assault, change is coming.  Leave a comment, what do you think is happening to professional sports?

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports