Trent Richardson, the can’t miss tail back from the University of Alabama, appears to be out of the pro football. How does this happen in just 4 full seasons?

Trent had a very good rookie season. He ran the ball 267 times for 950 yards and added 51 receptions for an average of 7.2 yards a catch. His rushing average was low at 3.6 a carry, but it was all something to build on, no doubt.

If fact his rookie year is even more impressive given that he had surgery twice on his left knee before that rookie season. He suffered the injury in the NCAA Championship vs LSU. Could the knee injury have caught up to him after his rookie year?

In 2 seasons with the Colts, his rushing average would drop all the way to his career low of 2.9 in 2013. 2014 Wasn’t much better at 3.3. He played in 29 games mind you. Lots of bad, bad runs.

Before he landed in Indianapolis however (for a 1st round pick!), something significant happened in Cleveland. T-Rich had a rule named after him. The Trent Richardson rule says that a RB cannot lead with his head outside of the tackle box. It was a pretty big deal with even the great Jim Brown weighing in on the whole thing. It was a big weapon of Richardson’s, and made for some crazy highlights. Was this a factor?

As for the last shocking chapter, we have the Oakland Raiders giving Richardson one last chance. Oakland wined and dined him, gave him a pep talk from new Coach Jack Del Rio  as well as 600,000 dollars. Anybody could see that Richardson had no game left. Oakland was desperate for tailback depth and it definitely showed.

Tim Brown and Matt Millen had a great critique of Richardson while watching him run in the preseason. They said he ‘labored’ for every step, that every move he made looked so difficult for him. In the end for Trent Richardson, former All Everything Tail Back out of Alabama, playing RB in the NFL was just to difficult. Thank’s to the Raiders, we now know for sure.

Luke Straub

Spark Sports NFL Analyst